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The first and second maps in this mod are finally working and playable, however the 3rd map is a lot worse for wear.

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The first map was mostly intact when I found the files so it was just a matter of making sure the portals were ok, double checking the sound files were working and playtesting it to find bugs.

The second map was less finished but after a few days of testing, modifying and testing again I can safely say it's now playable but my playtesters haven't done their tests yet so i'm unsure of any bugs. I knew people would find a way out of the map no matter what I did so instead, having been a DOOM fan for most of my life I left little secrets around the map, some text here if you get out of bounds, a secret rocket launcher if you can find a way on the roof, and some not so nice secrets such as accidentally making high level aliens spawn if you mess around too much.

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(Secret shotgun location hint ^)

It was fun though! And now it leads into level 3 quite nicely. However level 3 is where things now get more tricky... The map is barely functional at all, it's from a very early build of it so there's no textures, no enemies, and the sequence I made for the tram doesn't function. So I feel like this is going to take up the next month or 2 just getting level 3 working. In the mean time I'll have some playtesters check out the first 2 levels and then I'll upload those as a demo while I'm working on Level 3.



Nice progress, keep it up.

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