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August 24th update news! New images and new soundtracks uploaded!

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Well, August has been a busy month for me, moving house has taken up a great deal of my time as well as a few other bits and bats (such as my birthday :D). But the period of offline-ness gave me a good chance to fire up Tiberian Odyssey without those internet distractions and get some solid testing done and implement some much needed things. Thankfully as soon as I was back online I recieved some useful bits of media such as the Nod Airforce you can now view in the images section and some other nice useful things that I shall show later. I also decided it was time to give the Odyssey forums and ModDB page a bit of tidying up and cleaning along with the updates so I have removed the old videos of our music tracks and uploaded new ones with the most up to date versions of each track, I'll continue to upload the OST in the style I have just recently do also.

As well as commenting the new images and media here on ModDB you can check out a great deal of other Odyssey related media and information at our PPM forums here:

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Could this other media & info be moved here to ModDB, as well? :-) At least in a couple of coming weeks... ;-)

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