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Whelp, we made a joke a game, and now we need to get it right.

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So we wrote about how Muffled Warfare came about in our first article the last time round, and this is a quick update on what we've done in the few weeks after we randomly generated some hype on 9gag and reddit.

  1. We built a community of Discord. Over 500 people right now, it's probably small compared to other games out there, but I truly appreciate everyone that has tested the game and giving us your feedback.

  2. We gave keys out to content creators on Twitch and Youtube. (Click the links to see content)

  3. Got ourselves on PCGamer

  4. And most importantly found bugs and implemented new features based on community feedback. If the conversations we're having now is what we'll be having during Early Access is gonna be like, I think we'll be fine. It's a great feeling know the stuff you're working on is actually valuable to players playing.

    Some critics would say this is bad practice and that we should finish a game before shipping it, but to that we say, the game market is risky as hell now and we're better off validating our ideas early and work on stuff players WANT before sinking years of development into it. (We made Stifled in 4 years, and you'd be sure we ain't making that mistake again.)

On a lighter note here's a flashy gif of our bots in action. And rest assured these are not AI that will grow sentient and take over the world, these are BI, our patent pending Burden Intelligence.

ezgif com optimize

Oh I totally forgot about the 24hr stream. We're incredibly thankful for all the support we've received in the last few weeks and we thought it'd be a great idea (regret is real) to give back/interact with the community using a 24hr stream.

So if that tickles your fancy, follow us out on Twitch and make sure you get a copy of Muffled Warfare so you can join in the fun!

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