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A few of the changes you will see in 2.4, as well as the changelog.

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2.4 Progress Update

M18 Hellcat


Today I welcome the M18 Hellcat to the 'Front. The M18 was the fastest American tracked armored vehicle, so mobility is a great asset for this tank. Use it to flank your enemies, or to shoot and scoot to various locations on the battlefield before being spotted.


But that mobility comes with a price...the armor is only 1" thick in some locations, and less than that everywhere else. Coupled with a roofless turret, the Hellcat doesn't offer much protection to it's crew. This is NOT a slugger, and should be kept out of harms way as much as possible.


With a very capable 76mm main gun, the Hellcat was the most effective American armored vehicle of World War II, with a higher kill to loss ratio than any tank or tank destroyer fielded by American forces. It's a great addition to the 'Front, and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Spawnable MG Support Kits

Another change you will see in 2.4 is the loss of the 6th spawn class in your spawn menu. I have removed the MG support class from the menu, and replaced it with spawnable kits on many of the maps. Here are a few of the kits you will see on the battlefield, just waiting for you to pick them up!




2.4 Changelog

As of right now, these are the changes for the 2.4 release...

WarFront v2.4 Changelog
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the "jitter" when zooming with the K98
Fixed M3 Grant 37mm turret gun (wasn't firing)
Fixed 37mm AA AI code
Fixed Crusader main gun sound
Fixed T34-76 projectile
Fixed Italian heads (no longer disappear at close range)
Fixed Battle of Britain objective collisions to take damage within the WarFront system
Fixed Battle of Britain AA towers projectiles, will now damage planes
Changed Sherman IC Firefly turret to correct model
Changed Sherman IC Firefly gunbase to correct model
Changed Stug III Ausf. G gun to correct model
Changed Tiger I gun to correct model
Corrected sound difference between G43 and G43 Sniper

General Changes:
Added new M1 Carbine/M1A1 sound
Added Me-262 LOD & wreck model (no longer uses Mustang LOD & wreck)
Classes were overhauled, many received new load-outs
Removed 6th class from spawn menu, Machine Gun Support kits now crate spawnable
Adjusted several projectile damages
Tweaked several textures

Vehicle/Weapon/Model Additions:
Added M18 Hellcat to mod
Added Machine Gun kit spawn crates to mod (.50cal, BAR, Breda, Bren, DP, Johnson, MG34, MG42, Type99)

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Budapest (conversion and rename of Danube_blues, a map by Bumsoft)
Jasiko Marsh (conversion of a map by AndyC.)
Kokoda Trail (conversion of a map an unknown author)
Barbarossa (conversion and rename of Red_Sky, a map by Joe Hanson)

I have about 1/3 of the maps tested, and working correctly. As soon as I complete map testing, this patch will be ready to hit the 'Net, so keep on the lookout!


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