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Late article on patch 2.1.8 outlining some recent changes and a small update regarding the upcoming GLA update, 2.2.

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Hey all, sorry for not posting in a while, a lot going on in terms of development amidst other things!

I'll (try to) keep this one short as it's just a late article regarding the recently released 2.1.8 update, and some information on the upcoming 2.2 update which introduces GLA to the game.

As usual, changelogs are here

What's New in 2.1.8

We've been busy. Improvements have been made to current systems and new features have been added:

  • Upgrades are available via a single click!
  • New client features
  • New ore types

What's New in 2.2 (soon™)

Of course, this is what people are really waiting for so I've brought this part to the top of the article ;)

  • GLA enabled
  • China and GLA Generals Missions 1 available
  • 3 Challenges available (Generals Style)
  • Balance & Unit Roles Overhaul v3
  • New Client
  • Updated website with full faction info (for real this time)
  • Much More

Single Click Upgrades

The upgrade feature is something I've continuously updated ever since its initial implementation. This time I've simplified the process by making upgrades "click and forget it". Check it out below:

New Client Features

The client will now display tech structure indicators on selected maps. As the process is quite manual at the moment, I will gradually apply it to all map previews.


New Ore Types

You probably noticed the different ore colours too, a new Map Renderer also comes with the mod, capable to creating previews that include the new ore types: Iron, Gold, Gems and Uranium. Uranium is explosive, like Tiberium in previous series, but is also more valuable than gems.


Gameplay Videos

Not convinced? Check out the awesome content creators below and their variety of gameplay vids, ranging from faction spotlights and campaign walkthroughs!

My boy Ocey showcases RotE factions and units 😎

TaxOwlBear plays the ENTIRE campaign 😏

zoom3000 is also playing the campaign

Along Came A Spider has just started it!

And if you want some PvP videos, DarkEmblem has you covered

But dude, I want 2.2 😡😡

I hear ya.. and it's coming soon™. For now, here's a WIP sneak peak into the new client and GLA.

Here's a look at both subfactions' vehicles together


We've got some AI action too

Last but not least, can't forget that new client ;)

See you in 2.2.... in a couple of weeks, maybe more maybe less.


Damn, I just freaking love the progress going on in this mod!

Keep at it Peddy, you rock!

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ayylmaoRotE Author

Thanks my dude! :D

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You just made my day. XD
It's always nice to see one of favorite mods progresses.

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Wake me up in couple of weeks, guys

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Yeah right, you want the easy way? No, you're going to wait and suffer just like all of us here. XD

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So i'm woke up.

Is it done, Yuri?

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No, comrade Premier, it has only begun. XD

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Looks like RE 2.2 will be released sooner than MO 3.3.5

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Awesome update so far.

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when is mod updated with more divisions of Allies, Yuri, Soviet, Asia and GLA?

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