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We're not writing too much. But we still draw, and the arts are being made.

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There is also a good update on the arts we've got, since Vagiz is back in business, on which we shall congratulate him after his tour of duty.

He has drawn a few great arts:

1. Shi, San Francisco.

While F@Nt0M was staring at some accessories for BoS bunker walls as if he was a calf looking at a new gate, our arts department (actually Vagiz) makes required things at free will. This concept features these dudes from Shi, who flood the streets of San Francisco. They have casual high quality pants and sneakers, oriental shirts and light, but strong nevertheless, black vest. Even though we initially believed those vests should be armor pieces, this idea was dropped due to low conditionary stats of the characters and light looks. Maximal protection this vest can provide is sort of like Joshua Graham's vest, which is, naturally, a bulletproof vest, but a lighter one.
Oh, and those stylish glasses were taken from 'Big Trouble in Little China' flick, which a key character of San Francisco and some other bits pay homage to.

2. Vault City Patrol

It is during inactivity of the rest of the team when our art department (which yet to consist of less than two people) is on the case after being long off the grid. The first concept that was drawn after a break by Vagis as a part of a small series of thematic concepts was chosen by him to be Vault City Patrol men. As it is a trait to people of this cutest town, the clothes are based upon vault suits, and, as it is a trait to the guards, protection is allowed by combat armor. Standard issue green was decided to be replaced with more sandy/dusty color scheme; the armor itself - it is a variety of Fallout: New Vegas counterpart (at the left; it was shown in some screenshots in male variant. See to our site if you missed it), and army issue armor which debuted in 3D Fallout games.
Well, as for visual differences apart from chevrons and ribbons, they also have Pip-boys, which they probably got as a part of their heritage, but, at the very least, definately more new and better looking than 2000 the player initially gets.

3. Vault City Servant (Slave!)

This art was out-of-series art made in spare time by Vagis, with no background or anything. Basically, his vision on Vault City servants.
Might be irrelevant to the mod itself, but seems like a reasonable view on the servants.

That's all for the arts for now, stay tuned for more!

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