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It's been a wild last quarter, but we're here once again to (narrowly) squeeze in our promised quarterly update.

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Yo yo yo and ho ho ho! We hope you've all been staying warm, and for those in the wrong other hemisphere, keeping chillled. A blanket rule of cozy temperatures for everyone.

It's been a wild last quarter, but we're here once again to (narrowly) squeeze in our promised quarterly update. Things were pretty solid! On our road to Alpha 2, we’ve knocked out plenty of neat features, from our save/load system, to more behind the scenes stuff like entity suspension volumes. Working out level design kinks, implementing NPCs, creating asset libraries and art passing, we’ve been keeping busy as ever!

Yes, yes, we know. You’re here for the pictures! And pictures we have, so go ahead and plop your eyes down below and see some of the fruits of our labor.

Ssshhhh! People are trying to learn how to get from here to there in under a second. Agente P and I threw together some library art because even doctors have more to learn. Knowledge is power!

Domestic Violence - Art Study

France is bacon.

Friendly reminder to all you litter bugs out there, the Earth will refuse your refuse, so dispose of your junk properly. We've got just the thing. Check out this pretty trash-job, courtesy of Note!

Garbage Bins

Once you're done playing in the trash, nothing beats a hot shower from everyone's favorite goop-slinging Cthulhu Dog! Our faithful Nicky's been whipping up an equally faithful bullsquid.


Those of you super familiar with Decay (all 6 of you) may realize, “Hey, wait! There were no bullsquids as enemies in Decay!” Good eye! You’re right, Gina & Colette never had the displeasure of facing bullsquids in combat in the original game. However, rebooting gives us license to experiment. We feel bullsquids are a staple of the Half-Life 1 era, and would actually help further round out our roster of enemies! Iconic to fans as well as sure to be useful for our level designers, we’re really looking forward to getting them ingame and giving them the play they deserve. Feel the goopy heat!

Maybe you’re already feeling hot? Too hot. Steamy? Oh, that’s a third-degree burn. You should turn off the steam first. Spin this baby right round like a record and watch the ratcheting reel in the roast. Also I made this. Rad!

Valve Wheel

And who can resist the opportunity to see? Some poor souls don’t have flashlights built into their hazmat chest, and for them, they get the Light Stick. Peep Note’s tactical flashlight!

Tactical Flashlight

Aaaand that wraps up the Pretty Picture portion of this update! But hey, maybe you wanna keep up with us a bit more? You’re in luck, as, shockingly, we’ve also got a Discord server! A lot of the team is active, so if you wanna talk to us, other Half-Life fans, feel free to pop in. If you’re just a lurker, that’s cool too. We love you all the same. Alternatively, maybe you just wanna know when we’ve got a big update like this one, or see some cool Decay fanart? We’re no strangers to Twitter either.

Hey, maybe you’re a fan with skills. Skills that can help shape a budding reboot of Half-Life: Decay. While we’re primarily in the market for 3D & character artists, We’ve always got space for every position (barring audio and writing positions). If you’re looking to build a cool game with fellow Half-Life fans, feel free to apply to join our team!

That about does it for us this update! We’re thankful you guys continue to follow us. As always, if you’ve any questions, concerns, cries of outrage, or declarations of love, feel free to leave them in the comments. We love hearing your feedback and it helps keep us motivated.

To close us out, we’ve got a message from ThatWimmerKid out in the field. Until next time, guys!


Awesome works, can't wait to see more in Peer Review :D

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Looks great, keep up the good work!

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I'm glad see you again, love you amazing work! Thanks!!

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