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The star of this update is the UCE light corvette. The Light Corvette represents the shared military prowess of ten ruling corporate entities. You will get to see a late stage WIP of the ship's model in this update. Please enjoy!

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Grab a cold one everyone and buckle up because we are about to jump to interstellar space. Our latest update features the amazing United Colonies of Earth (or UCE’s) light corvette starship.

2017 09 16 01

UCE Light Corvette

First some background is in order. This may be obvious for longtime fans, but for newcomers I think this will be a good refresher. The United Colonies of Earth is the dominant interstellar power at the time of the INT demo. The UCE represents the shared military prowess of ten corporate entities that have come to dominate human affairs.

2017 09 16 02

Art Ship Productions is one of the major corporate powers that controls human space. You can see more about them here: This corporate power primarily specializes in the construction of nimble and efficient starships. Before the Interstellar War that has come to define present affairs, the corporation built faster than light recreational vehicles.

2017 09 16 03

Now that war has come, the corporation has switched gears and specializes in the construction of smaller ships for the UCE warfleet. In Project INT’s demo, the player will be able to acquire one of three starships in the final act. The starship will become your home and vessel to explore the universe and to escape the battleground that has consumed your homeworld of Bastion. The UCE Light Corvette, built by Art Ship productions, is one such starship. It will be acquirable in the hangar level.

2017 09 16 04

Building the UCE Light Corvette

The original concepts for the Light Corvette were designed by a concept artist on the team several months ago. The speed and quality of both the initial concept and final product are superb. Timothy Trankle has done an excellent job in bringing the UCE Light Corvette to life!

2017 09 16 05

The original concept for the Light Corvette (showcased above) is quite good. The ship is meant to be a smaller starship that houses several people, but is characterized by speed and efficiency. This is everything that Art Ship Productions stands for.

The final ship, pictured above and on sketchfab, keeps the same design and is an excellent final model. We are quite pleased about the results for the UCE player starship!

The sketchfab link will take you to the sketchfab page for the UCE Light Corvette. The ship was also featured on sketchfab as a staff approved pic! We were quite happy about that.

Sound Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the update, but we have more! We wanted to showcase some excellent new sound effects from Harry our Sound Lead! The first sound cloud link will showcase the small mine SFX and the second link will showcase the small mine electrical.

Please take a look at these awesome new sounds and support our continued development by liking and sharing this update! Also, please take some time to review our latest HR and PR information below.

It was another great month for the INT team. We will be continually updating our progress on Social Media and make sure you check back in on indiedb in two weeks for another update!

HR Listings

As always, we would like to close with some information regarding open positions on the team. We are looking for a web admin, Unity Programmer, PR Lead, and rigger. Check out the job postings below:

Unity Programmer

PR Manager

Animations Rigger

Website Administrator

Or contact John Shen, our HR Lead, directly. Please do so by emailing him with a CV at

PR News

We will see you in a few weeks for our next major update. Until then, please make sure you check out our following PR links:


Steam Community




INT Official Page

Starboard Games Official Page

Do you have any other suggested communities, topics, content, or questions you would like us to answer? If so, please let us know!

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