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2013 is almost behind us and big things ahead. Patch 0.15 coming soon with Dunland but what will come after that, next year?

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Nearing the end of the year I feel like looking back at 2013 before looking forward to next year.

2013 has probably been the biggest year for Lone Wolf since it's start many years ago.
Back in May 2011 I decided to reboot Lone Wolf from scratch and begin work again from the ground up after development had reached a point with the old version where fixing the bugs would have taken more work than starting again.
So I took the restart option and made a lot of progress on my mod with new energy and a bigger focus on quality and consistency.
Over the following 2 years work felt unending and I didn't feel like I was making progress until nearing July things started clicking.

On my birthday I decided to release Beta 0.1 a big milestone for LWR.
Despite quite a few teething problems that took up pretty much the whole next 2 days (the last time I release something this big on my birthday).
But with subsequent releases I managed to work out a lot of the kinks and the newer releases have gone off a lot smoother.

While working on Patch 0.14 I also worked quite a lot on Dunland and decided it should be released earlier than I had planned jumping ahead of the cue with Rivendell and The Deep and get released with Patch 0.15.

Work on Dunland is nearing completion and the final touches are being made on the current 5 factions.
So that with Patch 0.15 the first 5 factions will finally be complete leaving me to focus more on the next 3 factions.
While I'm working on Patch 0.15 I'm also having a final look at the current 5 factions and seeing what changes I can make to improve them before moving on.

So now we're up to date.
After New Years I'll be preparing for 0.16 and the next few factions.
Some of the other factions already have a considerable amount of work done on them others have the bare minimum so I pretty much know how long each faction should take and their order of release.
I've changed my plans for the future factions a bit recently deciding to release factions individually instead of 2 or 3 at a time with big releases, instead doing it like Dunland with 0.15.

On top of that there are the side projects for LWR such as the chocolate game mode which will return the game back to it's 1.03 form except with LWR's art assets and various visual improvements.
Currently Chocolate is looking to be released with 0.16.
Coming up next year I also hope to release more game modes like Onslaught a game mode that will change the mod down to 2 factions Good and Evil made of the various units from the factions into a smaller more condensed play style.
I also hope to have the new launcher up in the first quarter of next year, this new launcher will be easier to use than the current batch based one (although the batch version will also continue to be released as an alternative).

In the meantime you can check out some newly uploaded concept sketches for the upcoming factions.
You can also check out a few teaser screens for the Harad faction.

A short teaser for the Dunland Warhounds.

So I just want to thank everyone who has supported LWR this last year and longer, and an extra big thanks to the guys on the team who have been essential in making it this far especially long term supporters DIGI and Fredius.

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