Post news RSS 2010-09-27 Update, Development is going on again.

Development of mod has been already resumed. It's already 27th of September and I have new media update for you. Here is Werewolf WIP model, Molotov weapon, Catacombs map update, Render of all current weapons.

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Development of mod has been already resumed.

During summer I didn't do anything serious, but some mapping and gameplay idea, feature thinking.

However It's already 27th of September and I have new media update for you.

Molotov Cocktail - Want to set some furballs on fire ? Here's your chance, Take It, Throw It, Watch It.
Here is render of it:

Also it has been already implemented into game and working smoothly, It works little like napalm molotov, after contact it breaks and emits some fireballs which will turn into real fire after contacting ground. Particle effects are custom made, however I'll need to test them on lower end graphics cards...
Here its effects In-game outdoors. Don't mind texture – It's temporary.

And here is screenshot of molotov in-doors in darkness. As you can see - It creates dynamic light.

Video showing it is coming soon!

Werewolf - Finally werewolf model is almost finished, though it's still „Work In Progress“.
Here is render:

And here is wireframe render of it:

You see It's my first completely done character model. Please comment what do you think of it? Any advices or critics ?

Next thing I'd like to mention is advanced melee combat system. I wrote about it before summer, It's finished now, It'll give great experience to game. However I can't show it now. Whenever I finish Dagger or Morning Star animations I'll upload video.

Map rtc_catacombs was also updated and is now nearly finished.
Here's some shots:

And here is render of currently RTC weapons made:

It's almost half way done - about 2 more human weapons, ~1 more vampire weapons, ~1 more werewolf weapons. (Its isn't exact amount).

Well, that's all for now. Next update will come after 2-4 weeks.
And if you ask for release date - Sorry, but It's still unknown.

Deathace13 - - 196 comments

OH AWESOME. Will there be a beta? I would love to participate.

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Elitic Author
Elitic - - 209 comments

First will be closed beta, then open beta and finally - release.
Contact me when Announcement about starting closed beta will appear. You will be able to participate.

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death5421 - - 342 comments

sounds like a plan.

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salazam - - 75 comments

Nice job man.

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goirdin - - 265 comments

Awesome update, I was thinking about removing this mod because i didn't see any progress and thought it could be dead, somebody smack me for it.

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Elitic Author
Elitic - - 209 comments

Sorry about that, I can't update regularly...

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ThePeanutBaron - - 249 comments

They did post news about how they were not going to be any updates over the summer holidays as they were busy with other things.

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Elitic Author
Elitic - - 209 comments


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