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100+ content creators on Youtube, streamers and affiliates on Twitch already played the demo. It resulted in 2000+ Wishlists in a single week - even before Steam Next Fest starts!

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Mirror Forge got 2000+ Wishlists in a single week!

Mirror Forge Seam

Try the Demo Yourself, Click Here!

Now that impressions have gathered and over 100+ content creators on Youtube, streamers and affiliates on Twitch already played the demo of Mirror Forge on Steam, I think it's time to finally say it!

It wouldn't have been possible without lovers of Horror, story-driven games and the amazing Horror Community. I've kept watching streamers over and over again going through the 1 - 2 hours long demo, exploring an intense atmosphere, unexpected jumpscares and the story of an alternate universe.

The Public Demo was released on the 10th of February (11 days before the Steam Festival) and it already exploded, skyrocketing like never before... To celebrate the passing of 2000+ Wishlists, I've set up the first part of a Jumpscare Compilation played by some of the most amazing people, streamers I've met:

I'm so excited, overwhelmed and terrified at the same time...

And the numbers do not seem to be stopping. More and more streamers around the globe, fans of the horror genre and the Silent Hill franchise keep coming in to check out the free demo on Steam. I've checked almost every single one of these amazing content creators. I was shocked, excited and terrified by the immense, positive feedback I received. They motivated me to work even harder on the full game, consider every suggestion on how to bring the best out of Mirror Forge when it releases.

I also did 2 updates and a third demo patch coming down the road!

Listening to players feedback, finding any issues (luckily, there weren't any game-breaking ones), suggestions, I implemented everything into the demo to make it even more intuitive for casual players, but keep it challenging enough for veteran players of this genre.

The Steam Next Fest is starting!

When I think that during the Steam Next Festival (where Mirror Forge is participating), the Steam algorithm promotes the participants' games, I feel humbled and blessed knowing that these wishlists numbers will keep on rising even further. I will keep an eye for any potential issues (if any arise after the patches), analyze players' gameplay and walkthroughs to see if I could add even more to the demo before the end of the Steam Next Fest on the 28th of February.

Silent Hill Mirror Forge

A New Core Mechanic Introduced, 2 more to Go for the Full Game!

Meanwhile, on all of my social pages, I shared a video of the "Mirror Forge Test Room", basically the Developer room where I test stuff before implementing. This is one of the 3 New Planned Mechanics for the full game and more specifically:

- This mechanic will be vastly used throughout the full game. Use unique, recognizable mirrors to traverse between dimensions/realities seamlessly. Running away from a dangerous, fast enemy? Go through the mirror to avoid it. Looking for an item to complete a puzzle? Check on the other side of the mirror. Locked in a room and have no idea how to get out? Use the mirror to see if the door's open on the other side:

Some Open-World Environments (Valley/Forest/Town)

I also started working on some open-world environment that was planned for the full game. More specifically, the town of Goreburg and its countryside. It's still early to share any photos, but we'll get there in no time. The main challenge here will be to have enough helpers, subtle markers and tips to guide the player instead of losing themselves in the vast environment.

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You are a fan of Horror? Check out the Demo on Steam!
It's 1 - 2 hours long and it's completely free to record/stream!

If you like it, I would love it if you consider clicking that Wishlist Button on Steam. As a Solo Developer, it helps immensely with boosting the Steam Algorithm and bringing Mirror Forge in front of the eyes of potential players:

Download the Demo Here, Ring the Wishlist Button

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