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A new update for a new month, make sure to check out the pictures!

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Well, it's the 1st of July here for me, and I thought it was the perfect time to put some new images up of Tiberian Odyssey for you all, if you wander over to the picture gallery I have uploaded 4 new images of some experimental rain effects I have been working on, something very rarely tested / tried in Tiberian Sun. I have worked my fingers to the bone trying to make this effect immersive so features include;

- A light background rain noise.
- Occasional Screen flashes floowed by a variety of thundery noises.
- Lightning strikes.
- Option to turn rain on and off, so a storm can start and dissapate.

So, yeah, I'll improve the images if I can, but right now I am happy with how it all goes together. I am also going to add / create snow and other variations of rain, such as Tiberium rain and perhaps lighter rain for not so heavy showers and perhaps some tiberium dust type ambient effects, either way if it can improve the immersion of the game I'll be very happy!

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sounds good!

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