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Hello all, Progress on the final frontier is going well but i wanted to get out an urgent news post reminding people that they will need to reapply large address aware on their sins executable otherwise you will immediately crash when loading Armada 3.

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If you have lost your large address aware application fear not because it is available as a separate download from our moddb downloads section.

This patch fixes some critical Ram and CPU issues for sins so performance should overall be much better, we should also be thankful as modders because they have removed the need for you to replace your mods into the next version folder so your mod should still load automatically, however remember when applying large address aware to make sure that the executable is not marked as read-only otherwise your LAA may not apply.

There will be an announcement video soon about the final frontier and a special developer diary starring the devs with a few exclusive updates so stay tuned.

As always this is Bane signing out.

Please see the below in order to Understand the changes that may effect gameplay on both modded and Vanilla games of SOASE:R!

Change Log

  • Modders can now make use of the new ResearchModifierTypes "FriendlyWithPirates" and "FriendlyWithRebelNeutrals" in addition to the original "FriendlyWithPiratesRebelNeutrals".
  • NPC and Militia carriers now build their strikecraft squadrons.
  • Militia will now spawn carriers.
  • Militia no longer receive research benefits that are tied to weaponclass. This solves the problem of races who don't use the militia ship classes being at a research disadvantage.
  • Mod users no longer need to move their mods to a new mod folder if the executable version changed unless the new game version breaks the previous version's mods. (e.g. 1.85 mods can stay in the Mods-Rebellion v1.85 folder even though this is game version 1.86).
  • CPU optimizations in large battle situations, late game situations and mass militia situations.
  • Reduced memory usage (particularly during large battles).
  • Reduced memory fragmentation (particularly during large battles).
  • AI CPU and memory optimizations.

As always, thanks for the heads up.

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Good news!

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