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We proudly present to you the first part of our project’s architecture overview. Today we will focus on the historical bourgeois building of Eastern Territories, which you might actually witness in game environments such as suburbs and small towns. Behold, comment and enjoy!

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The principle behind creating 1794 is to achieve in making the most extensive modification in terms of architecture. Our goal here was to create the unique scenes, ultimately replacing all of native’s buildings and creating the new ones from scratch. Introducing player to the reality of late eighteenth century, without buildings of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical would certainly lack credibility. That is why our primary focus in location making lies within realism and coherence with historical depictions. We cast away the random placing of houses and streets in favor of the actual style of planning of the time. Thus, what you see on the graphics is in fact our third release, enhanced with brand new models. These will possibly make it to the final version of the game.

Straight to the point: using the term “Eastern Territories” we refer to the domains which used to be incorporated in Commonwealth such as: Lithuania, Podlachia, Lublin Province, or lands that were called Rus’ or Ruthenia. Today, they belong to different sovereign nations, including Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Back in the day, however, they constituted a single political entity, regardless of their ethnical, cultural and religious diversity.

The Eastern Territories were poor, underdeveloped and had low population density. However, like all of Commonwealth, the population was far from homogenous. To represent this, we used wooden buildings, and placed different types of temples: mostly the Orthodox churches (since Orthodox Christianity was predominant in the region), but also the Catholic churches and synagogues to mark the meeting of different cultures and religions.

1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture 1794 - Architecture

We based our works on the collections of Sigmund Gloger. Thank you for your time, and please share your opinions with us!

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looks great!

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Thanks : D

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