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1.62.542 has been released sometime in September. It is the latest and you need it! Other news are posted here, please see the bottom of the News section after the release section of the News.

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As some may noticed the latest .535 patch was kinda broken. We excuse this and provide you a better version enhanced by "Hanov" a member of the relic-community, to help us devs out while we're on the holidays. This patched Complete Collection obviously fixes some minor bugs and glitches which occasionally made the mod unplayable in .535 . But now you can enjoy the Apocalypse again by downloading these file:




WARNING: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TYRANID MOD AND DAEMONHUNTERS!!! If you want to have them on-top then you have to download them seperately.THIS BELOW IS NEEDED TO PLAY THE "NEW RACES" MOD EXPANSION!!!

Inquisition: Daemonhunters Tyranids

All need to be installed into the main soulstorm directory where also the apocalypse folder is located (soulstorm.exe is there aswell) DO NOT install it outside the soulstorm directory to somewhere else. It may not function then at all and cause you te repath the entire thing manually which will make you unhappy!

In order to access them in-game you have to chose the XP2 AKA. Ultimate Apocalypse: New Races. Else you'll only play the standart "vanilla" version of the mod with no extra races.

XP1 AKA. Total Destruction Removes then ALL build limits within the standart version while...

XXP1 AKA. Total Destruction: New Races Does the same for for the Tyranids and Daemonhunters WARNING: SERIOUS DESTRUCTION ASSURED!

I hope that this helped all the Apocalypse Fans out there to enjoy the Mod in it's full glory by reducing the logistics getting the mod into ONE site/source.

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20 Days celebration since 10/16/11

News started 10/31/11, the AMT have noticed for 18+ days straight that we were in the rank of <= 84 of 15,000 in all global mods known since 10/16/11. The AMT would long to celebrate this moment by enslaving mankind posting this news. Please leave a comment below (optional). :D Thank you for visitors keeping our ranks under 85 for a long time!

2012 Release of Ultimate Apocalypse

For those who not know what the "2012 Release" is, read the purple below...
Version 1.62.5, patched up by version 1.62.## is not the last for public release! More versions will be available for the Apocalypse mod lovers everywhere and will increase in epicness. We hope (The developers at least) to accomplish a fine quality mod and hope to remove as many bugs as possible for good and better game play. There is also a private mod (ALPHA main) being worked on by the team, and it features some incredible new stuff, but it is so not ready for actual game play, it is very far from finished, and we do not have proper permissions to release it. It is mostly a "planned version" that will bring the real epic Apocalypse in the far future. But the future would be a lot farther than the team hopes. The post 1.62.5 mod will be released some time in March of 2012. The reason for this is because we planned on patching everything up (99% at least) including minor flaws, major flaws, balance, bugs, better gameplay, fixed campaign, the new race, new units, and a lot more! We hope to not kill the audience at least while the wait is happening, so we hope to bring epicness to them! We hope to release, at least 8 more patches to make an equal 1.62.6 release, and on top of that, perhaps a Dark Eldar Booster Pack featuring all new units for the Dark Eldar (accomplished already in 1.62.52); Sisters of Battle Booster Pack, featuring all new units for SOB (Sisters of Battle) and finally, a small demonstration of the latest mod. So there you have it, we hope to accomplish PERFECTION in the year of 2012, and we will make the mod more outstanding than it already is by guarantee. The mod team will strive hard in making this release possible, and we will not give up no matter the cost! Krronus may be gone, but the Apocalypse Mod Team will grant it devotion and make his mod epic and outstanding. Long live Krronus, long live the Apocalypse mod! The Apocalypse comes again, and this time, it'll be perfect!

Now for those who did not know what the ALPHA mod was, now you do! It has been worked on from March 17, 2011 to today's date, 10/31/11. Over seven months of work was put into it, and now the release is close! The ALPHA mod is pretty much almost done, except for one unfinished huge accomplishment. Along with permissions granted, there is another secret thing going on that is being worked on currently, and when that is done, there would only be testing, more testing, and then we'll release the ALPHA to the public, anytime within the date of 1/1/11 to 4/1/11 and before the release of DOW 3. Unfortunately after the release of the ALPHA mod, I (Cylarne) will be retiring and releasing the Demons Mod for a final kick ass finale! But never fear, when I am gone permanently, the Ultimate Apocalypse Mod will be as perfect as it ever was. From beyond the 1.62.5 release, too many new units far beyond the FOK mod mostly owned by us was added, some new structures were added, new weapons, abilities, tactics, ai, tech, maps, and the entire Apocalypse Mod gameplay was revamped and almost perfected for the 2012 release. It even includes a new kick ass built in SCAR, for Command & Conquer play style to boost up the fun even higher than ever before. When the ALPHA mod is released, we will take up many titles. That is how confident we are in creating the new view on Dawn of War Soulstorm. And eventually, the campaign will be 100% Apocalyzed and beautiful. Much later, there will be many things introduced to you within the release that no other mod has. The screenshots and images are just a small sample. We hope you all enjoy them.

Steel Legion

For some time now, the devs were hugely planning on combining the WH_AS (Witch Hunters) race for Dawn of War Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse. The discussion can be found here. Initially, they were to be combined with the Sisters, adding in new units all shiny and everything, but apparently, we are way too restricted to use them like all other modders. So now, the devs have to turn things around a little. No new units from WH_AS, it is now hopeless to add WH_AS, so we have some time to do a little Steel Legion I guess. But the thing is, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod will not include them as a final 13th race. Steel Legion will be a bonus expansion for the 2012 release, while the other races are the primary concern. Demons, Tyranids, Inquisition Demonhunters, Necrons, Sisters, Guard, Orks, SM, Chaos, Tau, Chaos, DE, and Eldar will be the official 12. Steel Legion will only be a bonus faction for slightly more fun and separate from XP2. All you need is the attributes to make the race compatible with the UA mod and wala. The reason for this is because many people were begging for Steel Legion to be incorporated into the mod, even though I find the race absolute nonsense to be included because they are the SAME as Imperial Guard. Combining them into Imperial Guard would not be necessary either, because IG has TOO MANY new stuff.

On a second option, all thanks to a friend SESA, I incorporate team colors to Imperial Guard. :) That way there is no two armies of an Imperial Guard with same tactics and same ideas going about, and it'll give me more time to prepare for the ultimate Grand Release. Less time spending on some non original W40k race, and focus more on XP2 and XP3 entirely.

So either way, the crowd will get some new goodies.

And I repeat, NO WITCH HUNTERS. People still ask why, and this is it!
"Yes but this unfortunately won't make a difference at all. The WH AS Mod is restricted completely for other Mod Teams and as the initial developers seem to have vanished there's a simple answer on everybody asking or for those who possibly plan to ask:

There won't be NEVER EVER ANY Witchhunters Stuff included officially, until the Witchhunters Mod Team says otherwise. I am afraid but this is the final word spoken over that matter, until some kind of miracle happens which would make the WH AS Mod reappear, granting us the needed permission to use they stuff.

Till then pray to the emperor that he might bring the fallen back to the holy path which leads right into the open arms of the Apocalypse Mod Team. ;-)


News Update: 11/12/11

@All Chosen Mod Testers: 2012 BETA release will be privately distributed 1-2 weeks from now. Please make necessary time throughout the 7th to the 14th day after this time.

@All: Want to be a mod tester, please PM Profman96 (from the RelicNews Forums) and hand over a huge list of ALL 11 races from 1.62.542. We are interested in professional mod testers to spot any critical importance of the mod. This is your last chance to be involved, after we have recruited 10 Apocalypse Mod BETA testers, we won't "recruit" more because we don't need more. Thanks for your interest. I have refreshed the BETA testing list and we are currently empty. Original BETA testers, sign up again, if you are interested.

This is BETA testing week, I have reached an almost flawless ALPHA mod! Please help us! Thank you.

Last but not least, I am sorry for the inconvenience while my Pay Pal account was not working for some time, hence those who wanted to donate $ (because of the extreme effort being put into this mod by the Apocalypse Mod Team) couldn't. It now works, and please donate today to ! If I receive enough with satisfaction, I will indeed prepare to show all of you something absolutely phenomenal when Christmas comes! Perhaps an early release of the Daemon army? Perhaps more? It'll be worth the donation.

News Update: 11/22/11

Alright, "version 1.63.3" Ultimate Apocalypse ALPHA mod is ready for BETA testing which means the 2012 release is ready to be loaned to people outside of the team. First post updated with members who are currently involved in testing the mod. If your name is in there, then you are most certainly testing the 2012 release early.

So yes, it is now ready to be critically abused with constructive criticism and criticalness all over, except for a few areas which I will point out NOT TO TEST. Unfortunately... I cannot upload/download anything. My firewall is out = still can't upload/download, tried downloading stuff = 50% done then fail, uploading stuff = 99% completed, then my computer restarts.

What does this mean? Testing the mod week is delayed. I CANNOT get passed package and deliver stage and it is so... shitblabing jaba wanna wabba! Hang tight, it is probably a problem with internet signal or motherboard with internet files fail.

Meanwhile, feel free to explode in anger and curse me with cursely wishes. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
In other important news...
- XP1 and XXP1 are no limit mods or unlimited anything. XXP1 adds in the new races to be unlimited.

- I also want to mention that our mods are strictly protected by our terms of use. (Please see terms of use on our forum.)

- For those who have trouble with the mod not working, please pm Cosmocrat, Tyrantarmy, or me and we can help you fix the problem. The team prefers the main Moddb page to be clean.

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.:Zack_Fair:. - - 136 comments

No :( It's such a shame that you will be gone Cylarne :(

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

Hehehe, no worries, that'll happen in a long time from now.

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jonathon2 - - 259 comments

thats better, but its still a sad shame to see u leave such an awesome mod

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pepo7017 - - 47 comments

hope is as good as the rest:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
bimasakti - - 70 comments

1. When i play Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod for DOW Soulstorm yesterday
which i downloaded form this link, i found bugs where is daemonhunt
naval melta was realy not work against vehicle or building, when i
use naval melta to chaos predator tank and bolter turret there is
"No Damage" to it.
But when i play Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod for DOW Dark Crusade
naval melta causing great damage against vehicle or building
(its totally works) can someone fix it or perhaps there is
something a missing when i install this mod..??

2. The icon ability betwen PURGE and PURIFY was still incorect see
tt_gk_commander.htm for the detail.

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