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So! I think this will be the final version for a while. 1.62.535 patches up some few things. It is a small patch, but you need it. ;) There is also my big speech going on, I think everyone should note this...

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1.62.535 Patch is now released. :) It is up on our forums under the downloads spoiler.
Our Forums = Link to 1.62.52 and patches. = 1.62.52 Complete Collection installer
New maps were released! What new maps? Well go here!

What the patch patches...
* Adjusted vehicle sizes from 1.15x to 1.2x
* Added in a new win condition: Restrict Aircraft.

* Aeonic Orb is now fragile, and does not contain a crap load of health regen.
* Aeonic Orb cost decreased.

* Bloodthirster when in combat regenerates health 3x faster.
* If you research the Mark of Tzeentch, the Brass Scorpion will no longer be restricted.

* All Tyranid squads will be changed to a more balanced/fixed gameplay.
* Zoanthropes damage versus infantry/heavy infantry decreased.
* Spore Cluster's health now increases like it supposed to be every tier addon.
* Listening Posts will no longer deepstrike out of sight.

Space Marines:
* Librarian requirements were fixed; Librarian is now in game.
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My Big Speech:
The Apocalypse Mod Team as of right now and maybe more than a month or so are sleeping. We all are apparently busy except for maybe one or two people, including me. I have to go to college now on campus (Leaving my AlienWare computer behind temporarily ), and I want this mod to maintain its greatness as it already is. But as it is (Apocalypse Mod 1.62.535), I feel that it is not being "attended" as much and it really cuts back time for me in order to accomplish the Grand Release of 2012. So! I am looking for a person who is more than willing to help out make the Ultimate Apocalypse Public version possible. I am looking for someone who is a modder; who can take over the position to mod for the public sanity. A person who can bring alive 1.62.54 all the way to 1.62.6 and improve it far better than I ever could!

People out there, the Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (1.62.535) can be yours to mod. It can be yours to do whatever the hell you want with it, and it can be all yours with your custom changes everywhere. If you want an HQ to have a health of 7000 instead of 5000, go for it! You want titans to cost less or its health to be tremendously higher? Go for it, you are the boss, you are the only boss of the public mod. I simply do not care for it as much as the Grand Release because the public UA mod is five months outdated and could use a lot of improvement other than simple patches along with no new crazy things; while the Grand Release is being worked on a lot more by the Cylarne. There are just simple modifications here and there to correct, and it really isn't that hard. If you don't like something, the power can be yours to modify. If you decide to make this and that better or more balanced, go for it! I'm looking for anyone who can push this mod forward while I make the finest release of all time in the year of 2012! And not to mention, make everyone happy while I'm gone, sleeping, and busy at college for about a month or so, or forever until the Grand Release. This can be your chance to take over, and dominate the public releases with your changes!

There are however a couple rules I'd like to point out...
1) There will be ONLY ONE stable public version going on. I don't like multiple Apocalypse Mods going on about please, thank you.
2) You must not destroy the mod in any way of totally revamping it; in a way of making it look totally sucky and not fun to play.
3) You MUST be good at what you do, aka at least coding, changing stats, blah blah blah.
4) You must keep track of everyone's requests, disagree/agree politely and add it into the addition of the mod (or maybe hiyer someone to do thast for you?).
5) You do not take over as developer of the Apocalypse mod. I'm the main developer, no one boots me!
6) Please release the mod properly like updating it every page or so. Post the changes, or maybe create a new thread if the moderators allow you to, so you can edit the first post. But only create a new thread if I am gone for a LONG time. At least a month in a half, I could be gone for all I know.
7) Please do not name a UA version 1.62.61 and higher. It is being reserved.
8) You are not GrOrc.

So those who volunteer, GO FOR IT PLEASE! But again, only one UA mod please and follow the rules. This is your moment! Good luck and I'll see the progress in one month or more. If you are doing very well at this, I might consider you in joining me and be shown the most private things we possess, aka the ALPHA mod, the Grand release mod of 2012 as I want you. Also, the team is sleeping, yep, but I will leave them at your "command" while I'm gone. If you feel that they should help you out, then just ask, they are very nice team members. Ask questions, do EVERYTHING possible in your power to make the Public releases stable in your own world of global domination. I have some of the best mod testers available, lots of 3D guys, busy but will be available.

If you decline, then that's totally ok as it is a huge step and totally huge. I'm expecting probably 1 every 100,000 people to volunteer for obvious reasons. Else have fun with version 1.62.535.

Be back in >= 1 month, seya!

@Team: Take a break please, but keep an eye out for the man.

I hope I covered everything.
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In other important news...
- XP1 and XXP1 are no limit mods or unlimited anything. XXP1 adds in the new races to be unlimited.

- I also want to mention that our mods are strictly protected by our terms of use. (Please see terms of use in the downloads spoiler on our forum.)

- All downloads on Moddb are OUTDATED. Please do not download any mods up here on Moddb or you will be sad.

- For those who have trouble with the mod not working, please pm Cosmocrat, Tyrantarmy, or me and we can help you fix the problem. The team prefers the main Moddb page to be clean.

- I'm also accepting donations. Please donate today! All that you have to do is log into Paypal and donate to . The team honestly thanks you very much for enjoying the mod, and with it, a very epic fun time. We try our best to make it perfect as it could ever be.

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