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Finally! 1.62.53 has been released! Woohoo! Download it now!

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1.62.53 Patch is now released. :) It is up on our forums under the downloads spoiler.
Our Forums = Link to 1.62.52 and patches. = 1.62.52 Complete Collection installer
New maps were released! What new maps? Well go here!

What the patch patches...
Base Mod Changes:
Global Changes:
* Fixed the Titan Wars wincondition, involving Fatal SCAR Errors.
* All relic units can no longer be possessed by Necrons.
* Campaign movies were inserted into the mod directly, involving a more solid campaign gameplay + movie watching.

Chaos Changes:
* The Great Unclean One can now advance in level when the Heroes win condition is set.

Dark Eldar Changes:
* All ui help texts should be corrected.

Eldar Changes:

Guard Changes:
* Antitank Squad (So called Bazooka Squad) and Mortar Squad can no longer capture strategic points; repairing a bug.

Necron Changes:
* Necron Warrior, Heavy Destroyer and Immortal ranged weapons range increased slightly.
* Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers are now cheaper to recruit, rebalanced, and now start with a squad size of three.
* Tier IV research no longer increases the squad size of Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers.

Ork Changes:
* Tank Busta Rokkit Launcha damage increased to standard damage value.

Sisters Changes:
* The health of the Living Saint increased by 2500 hitpoints to further balance late game advantage.

Space Marine Changes:
* Vanguard Assault squad when equipping the Power fist no longer gives a pink icon.
* The Chapter Master's health and health regeneration increased.

* Stealth Suit Fusion Blaster damage increased to standard damage value.

XP1 Changes:
Ork Changes:
* Orks can now produce their Squiggoths, Gargantuan Squiggoths, Battle Fortresses, and Kustim Stompas.

XP2 Changes:
Global Changes:
* Fixed the Titan Wars wincondition, involving Fatal SCAR Errors.

* Warriors are now unlimited, and their hero ui icon was removed.


In other important news...
- XP1 and XXP1 are no limit mods or unlimited anything. XXP1 adds in the new races to be unlimited.

- I also want to mention that our mods are strictly protected by our terms of use. (Please see terms of use in the downloads spoiler on our forum.)

- All downloads on Moddb are OUTDATED. Please do not download any mods up here on Moddb or you will be sad.

- For those who have trouble with the mod not working, please pm Cosmocrat, Tyrantarmy, or me and we can help you fix the problem. The team prefers the main Moddb page to be clean.

- I'm also accepting donations. Please donate today! All that you have to do is log into Paypal and donate to . The team honestly thanks you very much for enjoying the mod, and with it, a very epic fun time. We try our best to make it perfect as it could ever be.

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