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Thursday 8/11/11, 1.62.53 will finally be released. Are you simply tired of bugs? Well, this patch might just take care of most of them. In other news, some new stuff was released early, linked within main description.

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New maps were released! What new maps? Well go here! Patch is now released. :) It is up on our forums under the downloads spoiler.
Our Forums = Link to 1.62.52 and patches. = installer
Just get the patch. - Requires 1.62.52

Now for 1.62.53 news...
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Thursday 8/11/11, 1.62.53 will be released to the public. All bugs reported will be fixed like promised, and we are introducing to you new skirmish maps!

The maps will be 100% improved and a lot more fun to play. The maps that Relic corp. forgot to patch up will be involved within these maps like for example, in the Daturias Pits, your troops get stuck between those pillars, or even armies stuck on top of hills with open spaces to place things in, will be fixed, and will totally make the ai less stupid if they ever build a structure in a place they can't get to. All maps will also include relics, critical locations and even slag deposits on every map, making the Apocalypse tier possible for ALL maps. Which now leads me to fixing something else.

Even though this will be a lot less fun to play in this kind of situation, some structures will again have build buffers. :( But not all, like turrets, generators, thermo generators, Webway Gates, Slave Chambers and random miscellaneous objects. Why I'm adding this in is because the ai simply gets stuck. The ai tends to clobber each other with structures and units and almost never gets through.

Things like the Titan Wars win condition will now be fixed. Along with other win conditions. It'll be a healthy patch, and not like the ugly old 1.62.52 which totally bugs key important things, along with crashes to desktops. Small bugs will be in place and fixed and I think the Dark Eldar will no longer contain any silly help texts.

The patch will not require the "" patch as the "1.62.53" patch will include all patches that "" contains. And yes it is NOT a Complete Collection. The patch instructions of how to install will come later.

Also, I'd like to say that once again, we've made the top 100 popular mods on MODDB so three cheers!

In other important news...
- XP1 and XXP1 are no limit mods or unlimited anything. XXP1 adds in the new races to be unlimited.

- I also want to mention that our mods are strictly protected by our terms of use. (Please see terms of use in the downloads spoiler on our forum.)

- All downloads on Moddb are OUTDATED. Please do not download any mods up here on Moddb or you will be sad.

- For those who have trouble with the mod not working, please pm Cosmocrat, Tyrantarmy, or me and we can help you fix the problem. The team prefers the main Moddb page to be clean.

- I'm also accepting donations. Please donate today! All that you have to do is log into Paypal and donate to . The team honestly thanks you very much for enjoying the mod, and with it, a very epic fun time. We try our best to make it perfect as it could ever be.

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