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WWII Online continues develop by introducing the new "Active Battles Tab" showcasing a much faster approach to getting into the battle. Download is inside, this game is free to play!

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Can you believe it's already been 14 years since 9/11? As we reflect on this important day in history in the real world, we wanted to give you all the update on the latest release of 1.34.11. Both PC and Mac are available for download and folks are diggin' the new Active Battles Tab. Also, we want to be sure we share with you the big successes that were made behind the doors so you know just how important this update was in the grand scheme of things. New unveil bonus inside!

1.34.11 IS ALIVE!

As mentioned we're a week into 1.34.11 being live and the new Active Battles Tab (ABT) has been a big hit. We've also made some tweaks to how the ABT selects which missions to populate, and we've also doubled the number from 8 to 16. These changes are entering testing over this weekend on our development server.

Here's a preview of the Active Battles Tab in action for the Allied side. FEATURE NOTE: As an Allied player you can select a mission associated with a different persona and automatically transfer to that persona without all of the old clicks required for ANY Allied branch. So if you have the American, French and British all together with missions, you can easily navigate through them all just by double clicking on a mission presented in the ABT.


Currently we're working with our Builder team to come up with some special event plans for the WBS we're planning near the end of this Campaign. This WBS event will include a thought-out dynamically changing event which will last from 5-7 days between the Campaign's (not apart of a Campaign). Specific objectives, unique game parameters and consequences.

The details are being worked on and we'll provide a briefing as soon as it's available. We wanted to do something a bit different not just for the WBS guys but for everyone.


We modified and in some cases updated the Host Code with this latest release of 1.34.11. It's important to note that this is the first time since mid-2012 that this sort of thing has occurred. It is a milestone achievement for our current team that really show cased the potential we have when we come together to accomplish what at times may seem like "mission impossible."


We have upgraded several operating systems on our servers which has allowed us to do more in developing and understanding how to improve these servers. As an added bonus it also increases security and overall performance - WOOT. This was a very calculated operation that took place, we send our many thanks to the man who spent time at our colocation (server housing) - BLOO.


We're getting closer to getting these new weapons into the game. We have the art team working with our programmers to figure out and document the entire implementation of new infantry weapons process. It has been determined that these two weapons will be the newest additions to WWII Online as soon as they are 100% game ready and tested.

Once these semi-automatic rifles have made it into game, we will simultaneously increase the bolt-cycle on the Lee-Enfield to more closely match its historical value. As always we'll keep you posted on our progress as this develops.


One of the coolest things we had was being able to go up on top of buildings to make the battle more immersive and offer new paradigms in city fighting. We're currently looking to put these into larger city buildings and will require the terrain re-write before implementation, however the art work is being completed now in preparation for all of that.


Truth is with your ongoing support, we will be able to do many great things to improve the game that were not long ago seen as possible. From all of us at CRS, thank you tremendously for making our dream of working on the game possible. We have a very bright future ahead and a fantastic team that is proving itself against all odds.

Everything that is happening here at WWII Online is an exception to the rules. When we come together as developer and community, out of passion and the desire to make the game great again, we can be unstoppable.

Are you all-in to continue making game development history with us?


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