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A look at the new combat features that will be arriving on PC next month!

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Greetings Cygnus Community!

The holidays are in full swing, and we are trying to beat the development clock to keep up with the demands of playtesting. Now that full playtesting is underway, we thought we’d share some of the new combat features you’ll have at your disposal to use in races across the galaxy.

The biggest of our new combat features is special abilities for ships. Originally, every ship in the game was uniform, in that the only differences were in appearance and movement. For the Windows version, we wanted to change that. We wanted players to feel a sense of agency in their ship selection. We felt the best way to accomplish this was to give each ship an individual ability that can impact the race. This offers a whole new approach to playing the game, as players can now match their ship type to their playstyle. Ships like the ForcePoint Defender can activate special defensive abilities to help pilots survive longer, or ships like the Ferfali S1:1 can offer some offensive capabilities like overcharged miniguns to give pilots the extra DPS they need to take down their opponents. With 27 ships, comes 27 special abilities unique to each ship, offering more ways to play and win in the CRL!

Along with special abilities, our community has been very vocal about adding in new movement options. We heard those requests, and we can confirm there will be two new movement mechanics for players to add to their disposal! The first mechanic is a power drift. This drift ability will not only help you gain a small speed increase, but also recharge your shields, and reduce cooldown times on your ability slots. Drifting isn’t the only new mechanic skilled players will be taking advantage of, we are also adding in a new dodge mechanic. Yes, we heard you and we are finally making it happen! Players will be able to break locks and dodge the incoming hellfire from behind. And paired with a drift ability, may be able to spin backwards and take out enemies from behind. These new mechanics will allow players to take full advantage of the track and combat system available to them!

As we continue to playtest, we will be sharing some videos and screenshots of all of the new content that will be arriving! Make sure to stay tuned into our IndieDB page, social media accounts, and our website for all of the latest updates and news on the Cygnus Racing League! We cannot wait for you all to play it soon!


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