Post news RSS 12-29-2010 Update: Skins

Ive been skinning models and working on textures a lot lately, but I have also done some mapping inbetween. Most of the last weeks work has been on textures and skins. I have many nature textures ready for later stages, including grass sprites. The grass sprites are HL2 still so Im not screening them just yet. After I make some alterations Ill get some nature screens up.

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Im also revamping the wall textures with the red stripe at the bottom. Ive made new door textures to replace the old ones I made before, adding detail and making them 'pop'. Now, with the doors in place, the walls themselves look boring and too plain. Ill be making some additions to spice up the walls in the next few days.

Ill be working hard on new textures for the next couple weeks, but I will make some progress on level design as well. Have a happy New Year all of you and Ill see you in 2011! (unless I get something done before then that I just cant keep to myself that is)

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