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I have begun finalizing vanilla stalker overhaul, it will take me some time but you can expect it this July.

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1.0 Release will be available soon (July 2021)

Since I haven't really received any reports about issues or bugs with the mod neither have I experienced any myself, I have begun finalizing the mod.

1.0 release additional features:

  • New xrGame.dll allowing you to change "cam_fov" and "hud_fov" on the go from the console and additionally it fixes ragdoll collision.
  • (Optional) Reasonable rebalance for few weapons: pistols are now 50% more accurate and will deal more damage, additionally an94, aks74, aks74u, mp5 will have those values increased as well. (As the early game can be a little harsh in terms of gunplay and the only way to deal with that is to know about groza 5.45 that sidorovich might sell under specific circumstances i have created a small rebalance for few weapons to address that, though this is an optional file and you will decide whether you want to use that or not).
  • New nightvision, now instead of two nv types there will be five. Since nights are a lot darker thanks to the atmosfear 3, every suit now will have nightvison (beside jackets).
  • Buffed Mail Jacket (quest item for nimble) now it will be a reasonable choice for early game suit. It will have good protection against mutants and bullets but it will have its own disadvantages aswell.
  • Skinner anomaly will now be a psz-7 suit instead of leather jacket, with the same properties. This would make more sense as you can only receive stash info with it from the cordon soldiers.
  • Blind dogs will be now slightly more dangerous.
  • Files for static lighting will be added but be aware that this is something that i will not support you with if you get any issues using it.
  • And all the other smaller things that are not really worth mentioning.

Since my old gpu decided to take its last breath while i was playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. i am unable to provide any new preview videos or screenshots since the gpu i have found in my pc scrap parts crate can barely run anything.

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Nice, been trying ShoC Enhanced, can't wait to see how this stacks up

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Then i can complete this game for once.. :D

It's time!. never finished it completely..

.. I think this mod, might become very appreciated, just before the launch of Stalker 2.

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After all those years I may give this one a go in preparation for S2.

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