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A little resume of Farlight Explorers ten days on Steam Greenlight. Maybe can be useful for Devs.

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Hi everyone!!

My game is ten days on SteamGreenlight.

First I'm going to talk about maybe some simple statistics features that can help to predict other devs the number of visitors on Steam Greenlight, of course this statistics are based on the numbers of visitors of my game, so can only will fit in other games if they have similars features.

In the case of my game I submitted the game without press cover, and with specific number of watchers.

I took the numbers of visitors from the Google Analytics, once you submit your game on Steam Greenlight you can monitorize your Steam Greenlight with Analytics.

The number of visitors per day until day 10, are the following:

Day 1: 4352
Day 2: 1684 -61,31 %
Day 3: 1462 -13,18%
Day 4: 1305 -10,74%
Day 5: 1110 -14,94%
Day 6: 576 -48,11%
Day 7: 469 -18,58%
Day 8: 454 -3,2%
Day 9: 350 -22,91%
Day 10: 543

The percentage is the drop of visitors in relation to the day before.
I think the important part is to know that in your second day the number of visitors will be 61,31% less than the first day.
The game will be stable until the 6 day where the number of visitors will drop again a 48,11%, and then the number the number or visitor will be decreasing slowly.

So like every dev knows, until the five day, you will be well visible on Steam Greenlight but after the 5 day you are alone and your game depends on press release.

This is my little reflexion, I hope this info will be useful to somebody.
Thank you!!!

About my game:

Farlight Explorers has reached 68% on Steam Greenlight in ten days, for me is really awesome, Farlight Explorers is near to reach the goal, so I will keep going.

I'm still sending mails to the press so I hope any review soon.
I also uploaded a new video on youtube where you can see what happen when the ores fall fom a conveyor belt to another conveyor belt.

Please vote for us on Steam Greenlight, you can use the following link:

Thank you for all your support!!!
please share the game with your friends in order to get more votes!!!


Could you please add the $10 option on indigogo??

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