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The first official release to the public! The 0.7 Beta will be expanded upon in coming updates. Bugfixing has been done to bring it to 0.71

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You can find the download here

Reddit post here

0.71 Changelog:

Battle of Smolensk

  • Event bugfixing
  • Crash fixing
  • Economy updates

0.7 Changelog:

  • More localization for the ~80 new events in the mod.
  • Japan's dual paths have new expansion decisions, enforce your will across the oceans!
  • Persia and SA nations have their own AI-dedicated events
  • The Sikh Empire has it's own events and decisions, unite India under the lion of Sikhism.

Installation Instructions

  • open the downloaded zip
  • open the folder Rattus--Crisis-and-Chivalry-public-release-branch
  • take the folder 'Rattus Crisis and Chivalry' and the 'Rattus Crisis and Chivalry.mod' files
  • put them in your victoria 2 mods folder
  • launch the game with the mod enabled

Recommended Nations


  • Italia, as the new Res Publica, reestablish dominance over the North and forge new ties with your settler-cousins in North Africa, and face the dreaded Catalino Conspiracy.
  • Zapadoslavia, reforge the old Commonwealth. Under new, old, or strange leadership, ignite the flame of Interslavic unity!
  • Spain, steady the guns and right the ship as the Iberian powerhouse. Curtail your rebellious Dukes and take ahold of North Africa once again, launch a new Crusade for the Old and New Worlds.
  • Aksum, face rebellions both within and without. Cross the red sea and establish a new type of power over Arabia and the Horn.
  • Lotharingia, take Lothars will to the ends of the earth! With new unique subject mechanics interact with your quasi-personal-union in the East Indies and support the creation of a new Majapahit Raja.
  • Japan, face your destiny with sword in hand as you fight multiple civil wars to establish a unique Japan that will take their ideological battles to the end of the planet. Take the fight to the colonizers and save Asia.
  • Sikh Empire, rise from the ashes of the decaying and corrupt Hindustan. Rally your enlarged populace and strike when the iron is hot.

Nations To Receive Updates In The Future

usa 1

  • The United States, as a fledgling Kingdom with a young man as regent, navigate Congressional and Monarchical intrigue alike. Will you give up everything for Manifest Destiny or is it good to be the King?
  • Greece, as the new jingoistic state to form after the old Empire's destruction, find your destiny and reclaim your birthright. Create a mighty alliance of Greekoi States or fall completely to tyranny.
  • Germany, face the outright prisoners dilemma that is the Germanic Crisis. As Lotharingia or Zapadoslavia, navigate the crisis or face outright destruction.
  • Scandinavia, once a mighty Viking warrior nation, reclaim your former glory as the new White Lion of Scandinavia.
  • Mexico, conduct diplomacy with your sister nations and fortify the front, for America comes for all.
  • Yuan, although having the mechanics to go West or East currently, future updates will see the Yuan fully expanded with new events and decisions.]


If you're confused why the world is the way it is, please check below for explanation!

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