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Brief information about the latest update to our game.

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Stay Alive: Apocalypse

Hello. How are you? Three weeks have passed since the last update. I know, it took more than usual. It took a long time to set up the new systems as well as some problems with my computer that caused it to lengthen.

I hope it was worth updating.

I encourage you to play a new game so that all changes and innovations in this update work in the most efficient way. Innovations in old records may not have an effect.

Main Features

Vehicle upgrades added.

Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2

Vehicle 3

Vehicle 4

Vehicle 5

Vehicle 6

(Trucks and motorbike can't upgradable yet)

Steel and Coal raw materials added to the game. They can be produced, also can be found from the dumps, as well as from the construction sites.

Biofuel Production Machine, Coal Production Stove, Steel Production Stove, Paint Box Machine, Canned Food Machine and Chips Machine were added to the game.

Crafts 1

Crafts 2

Paint box and empty paint box added to the game. They are used for painting to vehicles.

"Statistics" button added to the game main screen


Added missing parts of vehicles can be rebuilt


Vehicle hud indicator changed

Vehicle Hud 1

Vehicle Hud 2

Spoiling food loses its bonuses and the raise tje chances of getting sick
The cause of death is displayed on the screen after died
You will get an information when an NPC died (only in your groups)
NPCs can removing objects from their way
NPCs are taken out of the way of other NPCs
It also says how many must be done during task information
There were 2 "Get rid of the zombie virus" in the centrifuge screen. One was changed to "Increase Health Limit". So you can increase your Health up to a maximum of 150


Metal materials updated
The burning values of the production materials are written in the information section
JKLMB keys allow you to exit from the same screen
If production and special talent books are already known, they are written on the screen
Objects stack count also display when you look at it
The CASUT effects of liquids in containers can now be seen without taking inventory
Unsaved files are deleted when they are clicked on the Load Game screen
Added "Autofill" option for cabinets


(Reminder: Those who own a carpentry trait can produce pockets and can add containers to furnitures)


Zombie disease is now active when the pollution is 100%. (wearing viral clothing or infected food directly affects zombification)
Reduced likelihood of random aid box planes from 10% to 3%
The condition of the energy storages decreasing when charging (so that you can not use it forever)
Object building or placement distances reduced
Reduced chance of finding object from zombies from 50% to 10% for each pocket
The amount of gas in the upgraded oven can be seen
Headshot damage reduced from x10 to x2
"Listed Keys" setting moved to "Control Settings"
If the bonus features on the clothes are bad for the character they are written red
The aging rate of the objects to be worn is increased and the broken object is given notification
The power of the nail gun is reduced
Reduced punching speed
Some flame effects updated


High Quality Rain effect updated
Reduced requirements to produce centrifuges
Key info display screen updated
All items with cabinets that can not be taken into inventory can be named without pen
The area is marked safe when shelter selected
F3 key closes the hud screen (to take a screenshot)
The worker now starts with 10 scrap metal, 10 copper wires and 2 gears (increased by 2 times)
E key operations are also listed in listed keys
Height drop threshold increased by 2 times
The duration of the become free from leader or spouse was increased to 5 days


Vehicles do not save objects placed on battery, engine, petrol store or truck bed
An object with a cover is not broken apart
While adding objects with the "Shift" key from cabinet to inventory, the screen freezes if inventory is full
When saving for the first time, clicking on the name of the save game deletes the save file
Suction pressure pump no name
NPCs do not drink water unless water is cut
Negative features of rotting food are turning positive
Foods with negative effects on thirst are filling the toilet needs
The ambulance has LOD problems
Pool areas are not spawning
Color change problem with tool table
NPCs walk out as first job
NPCs and Zombies are slowly falling
Vehicle torque is not enough to accelerate the car
NPCs own apartments
The background colors that determine the types of objects in inventory and cabinet are different
When it comes to "Craft Heater" task in Build Shelter Task, the schematic of the heater is not learned
When the objects thrown then carry later, some of the objects are disappearing
Shopping cart LOD level color incompatibility
Can be passed through the garage door at manor
Secure zones are not active until you sleep when you open a saved game
Splint object type problem (causing screen freeze when placing)
When the natural gas is cut off, gas cannisters can't burn
The burrito collider area is very small
All the jeeps are spawned without hood
Virtual doors and windows can be open while completing the missing parts of the rooms
NPCs are teleporting to the top or to the roof while they are standing up
The fireplace disappears after loading
RAT can not be run
It's not raining outside the city
Door spikes disappear after loading (but the effect continues)

Fixes (Need more testing to be sure)

Get damage when get out the vehicle
Vehicles can not go uphill (engine power is regulated, will still have problems when going up slowly)
Door spikes can not be added to the upgraded doors
Hospital entrance and operating room are empty

Known Issues

Spouse or leadership status abort threshold has been raised but If the the same problem persists, please let me know
NPCs can get stuck in furniture when they stand up
Large gas canister's Cylinder Cooker disappear after loading
When the bus front glass is upgraded, the screen freezes (it is fixed by ESC, but can not be upgraded)
The description of the "Raise Health" in the centrifuge is wrong
NPCs can not find the way to the apartment shops
Mouse cursor not visible after go back main screen

In the next update, I plan to change the NPC models if there is no problem. I also want to use a different voice for each NPC.

You can still send your voicings if you want your voicings to be added to the NPCs. Detailed information can be found on the link below.

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