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Dun-dun-duuuun! Dramatic music! Shock and awe! Words of excitement!

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So I'm still getting the full team member input back (our 0.46 build seems to have disappeared, but I know we'll find it eventually :P), but here's what we're looking at so far for the 0.5b1 package:

- Reasonably extensive rebalancing for Soulstorm
- A bunch of new animations
- Bugfixes for things like the Soulstorm race flags
- New, less insane AI

And surprise entry:
- Whiteshield's alternative skins (yay for Whiteshield!)

So we're hoping to do an initial package and internal test this week. I can't say for sure how long it's going to take the AI team to retweak the AI so it's not so crazynuts but generally they're pretty quick.

And that's where we're at for the moment. It's not gonna have the big stuff (that's still in progress), but it's going to be our base package to put all that on top of.

Sorry, I forgot one other thing for the 0.5b1 list, and only just remembered because of a private message someone sent me:

Great Devourer Mode

There have been a lot of requests for us to include a mode without population limitations, so we're doing it. Bundled with the mod will be a mini-mod (called Tyranid Mod 0.5b1: Great Devourer Mode, funnily enough) which will load the mod with the pop caps removed and no limitations on the number of squads of each kind of unit you have. Want an army of Lictors? You'll be able to do it. Want to spam Biovores and Carnifex? You'll be able to do that too. You'll be able to Nid about to your unbalanced, overpowered heart's content.

No idea how that one slipped my mind, sorry.

fatcat234 - - 170 comments

verry nice!!!-(in Borat voice)

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Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

It is about time. Bless you. Bless all of you for something exciting!

Yay for Whiteshield too!

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zahaqiel Author
zahaqiel - - 690 comments

Update: I'm hoping to have all the art in the beta by the end of the weekend, and then our code guys will have to take a few minor swings at it (Great Devourer mode and the AI) and then we'll do a quick round of bug testing and then it'll be out.

Can't ETA that, but probsly one to two weeks.

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Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments


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Hollow4thewat - - 588 comments

Awesome!. At last some great news!. Hope there will be new UCS to work with :P

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FarrelWolf - - 3 comments

Do you guys take donations in high fives? Moonpies? Sohdee-pops? Stock Options? All the work that has gone into this was worth the wait for the first release, as well as every release thereafter. Just want to say thanks for doing something that I wish I could do but have no knack for :P

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FarrelWolf - - 3 comments

Also, I didnt <a /> that in the last post.... =\

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