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Started testing and fixing 007 beta Relise cooming soon... Change list inside

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Started testing and fixing 007 beta.

Release cooming soon...

Fixed some bad translations.

The list of changes that have so far made:

Fixed bugs:
- Windows Vista does not display fonts.
- Launcher did not work for TFD.
- Shaitan could crush Overlordy.
- Battle Fortress had no restrictions on construction.
- General opportunity "Field fortification for the general field sometimes did not work.
- Reset stolen (Salvage Drop) sometimes did not work
- Break satellites-II sometimes did not work.
- Technology can not fix
- Pegasus and Robo-raptor were immortal
- Cyborg commando was immortal when in the air
- Rangers lost animation capture the building, when they were injured.
- A neutron gun Infantry general button setting mines do not always work.
- Missiles Smerch not explode on the bridge.
- Sometimes the players can start the game as a boss-General if the chosen random.
- Minigunners could not run.
- It was impossible to construct a building to rubble. Now you can.
- Helix bombs sometimes fail to explode.
- Also fixed some minor bugs.

Fixed bugs in the maps:
- First mission to the United States. At the dumping site resource plane did not reset.
- Challenge against nuke general. Sometimes bomber arrives in screensaver, and destroyed everything.
- Challenge against nuke general. When you play for USA, intro does not come to an end.
- Challenge against the laser. In the intro was often the departure.
- Challenge against demolition general. Site completely new. Old deleted.

Global changes:
- Returned a choice 20 000 and 50 000 start moneys.
- Adjusted the speed of collection of resources by all parties. The optimal number of collectors is as follows - 2 chinook for the United States, 4 trucks for the Chinese, 8 workers for GLA. With such a ratio of collectors, the parties have the resources to produce absolutely the same speed.
- Removed an explosion in the crash (of course, it excluded the occurrence of some glitches, when the aircraft or helicopter fell and explode a few times).
- Poisonous and acid clouds can now be destroyed.
- Added possibility to change the speed of the game when passing through the missions.

New graphic effects:
- AirCut effect for Aurora
- When an explosion Head fortifications, soldiers, gun loader, fly away in different directions.
- Slightly more detailed anti-gun chap.
- The lasers added overflowing color from white to the core.

All USA:
- Sentry Drone got the button "do not shoot."

Air Force:
- F-18 will no longer attack air units.
- The F-35 has a button "Guard Air". Removed as unnecessary.
- B-3 "Viverna" rewritten. First he drops bombs all at once, they are dispersed in the air and cover a large area (in a circle). Secondly, Viverna now uses the logic of Aurora and immortal until you throw bombs.

Super Weapons:
- Ability to reset the bulldozers require rank 2.
- Upgrade "protected buildings" was removed from all the super weapons, the rest of the buildings he left.

- Leech now has invisibility in the early game, but may receive it later, after the upgrade.
- Mina beetle (Beetle Mine) had a button "Guard". Removed as unnecessary.
- Mina beetle enemy had learned, when exploded. Now, the experience will not be given.
- Repair Drone can now restore the building.
- Repair Drone instead possible to clean mine now has around a field, which automatically detonating the mines.

- MTHEL now can be equipped with Dron.
- BREM (ARV) can restore the building.
- BREM (ARV) instead of opportunities to clean mine now has around a field, which automatically detonating the mines.
- Burton is no longer shoots through the air.

- Increased range battle with Flame Towers.

- Assault Troop Crawler is no load in Heliks.
- Health for all soldiers reduced by 10% and their price is slightly elevated (also about 10%)

- Assault Troop Crawler is no load in Heliks.

- Time recharging Earth Shaker increased.
- APC (Troop Crawler) becomes invulnerable to the fastness and radiation when receiving engineering upgrade.

All the generals of GLA:
- Supply Truck is no longer able to transport workers (this was a bug when working give the command to unload, but instead he sits in a truck).

- The general possibility of ambush (Rebel ambush), it was the wrong description. I corrected him and at the same time slightly modified the amount of infantry. Now, depending on the level there are 3, 6, 12 infs, as were 4, 6, 10.


Nice To Know Contra's Back In Business :D

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Contra is my Favorite mod because its more realistic like soldiers explode and burning if u destroy a vehicle and i like the idea of needing to get to 3 rank or 5 to unlock new units and builds, so i'm glad that contra 007 is coming out.


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It's good to see contra being worked on again. :)

Contra has always been one of my favourite zero hour mods due to the new units and crazy gameplay.

Good luck with 007 guys.

(Also, nice choice of picture at the top of the news post). xD

- Sam

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but 007 is some like patch to 006 because:
1./ no new units
2./ no new upgrades
3./ no new buildings
4./ no new weapons

when I´m wrong, type me where is updates to this mod when not because there are not update about 007beta testing and here yes

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Taran.UA Author

All info about 007 you can get on RU end ENG forums. Links on main topic.

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