Zombie Panic! Source is a standalone cooperative, survival-horror, first-person-shooter! Set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, players start as a small group of survivors attempting to stay alive. Each map will have its own objectives to complete and win the round or survive by a period of time.

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Well...this is the greatest HL2 mod I've ever play! and i hope you guys can keep your hard works on the new mod! it looks awesome!

This game is a jem. As you can see, many people who rate the game bad with 1's and 2's and also leave no review other then "not so good". And other reviews complaning that it is to hard or weapons are semi rare. well you know what, it is true. This game is difficult and weapons are scarce. but you know what? THIS GAME ROCKS. The thrill of fending off a zombie hoard who are being controled by real people is great! And the challange in the best part! And for people who can't find a sever with people, the MMNB sever is a sever who usually has people on. Admins are usually regulars as well, so the sever is maintained and (almost) troll free!

I really like this mod, I think is fantastic!

zombi panic 1 is realy sucks, but zombie panic: source so pretty cool! one of my favorite zombie mods.


Good, very good for mod.

The best Zombie survival!

It is technically a hardcore mod, dont let that put you off however, I can say without a doubt that this mod is the best similator for what it would be like in the zombie apocalypse. The game is generally well balanced but the surviors will probably only win about 20% of the time with sounds unfortunate, However they will kill pleanty of zombies :). this is one of the only mods ive played where you were allowed to play as zombie which is very fun and their is an unmistakable team element involved with the zombies. one thing that will put off most people sadly is the balancing, because people are allowed to play as a zombies the game trys to give them a helping hand wherever possible, for instance they are very fast faster then the survivors and they have a short spint ability. They also have imense health and can take out a survivor in 4 claws which is about 5 seconds. so that brings that game to its most important eliments barricading! their are many ways to barricade use thengs such as sofas and knock them in front of entrances or stick planks of would up to block doorways, its very exlhilerating to fend off a hoard in your own little fortress with you limited supplies and weapons. speaking of weapons dont boter with mealee as a survivor the zombos can quite literally rip you to shreads in large numbers, also you will rarely get your hands on a proper assault rifle or shotgun so the average surviro is dependant on barricades Youtube.com i would also recomend you check out this survival guide for any further tips. To finish up then this is a mod i find surpasses games like l4d in every way, understand thats my opinion and its perfectly reasonable if you dissagree. but the game has very full servers in general in fact it is the most popular mod ive seen and for good reason so download now and i hope you dont regret it



Great mod. Love the fact that you are playing against live zombies instead of AI zombies. The weapon/ammo weight plus exhaustion adds to the realism and makes being a team player a necessity.

One of the few games that enforce team play for success.

Downside is there are few updates for some time although a new update is rumored to be around the corner.


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One of the first Half-Life 2 mods i played and one of the best mods for this game! It is fun to play as survivor or zombie with other on-line players and fight in awesome-detailed maps (My favorite maps are Church Siege and Red Queen). I hope the team developer keeps the good job with this mod to amaze us with cool updates through the years!