Toward the end of the war the humans struck an important blow, disabling the planetary defence systems. The planet’s remaining resistance was soon decimated by the combined earth forces. Grand alien cities fell beneath endless waves of high explosive warheads. The Strogg war machine, once a horrific and vicious enemy, was completely decimated. The remaining alien forces were beaten into submission, although small pockets of survivors cowered in the ruins -- roaches scurrying from a former feast of riches.

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rea987 says

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That's an okay unofficial expansion. Level design and objectives variation are quite satisfactory. However, I cannot say the same for weapon distribution throughout the expansion. As there are 14 levels, the players receives a reliable explosive weapon (Grenade Launcher) near the middle of the expansion. Moreover, the mod isn't shy to throw beefy enemies at the player from the beginning of the game which leaves the player to deal with unfair fights until receiving Grenade Launcher. Worst, the player finds Rocket Launcher near the end of the mod which is just bollocks. Oh, aside from liberal usage of Tank and Tank Commander enemies in every level while offering no Rocket Launcher, the mod introduces a new enemy, Sentien who is essentially Tank Commander with accurate hitscan rotatory cannon as well as a laser beam. Good luck dealing with this one. The reason I give this mod 7 despite all these complains is the fine level design and fun fights IF you happen to have appropriate weapon for them.

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Lord_Reven says

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No idea why this was never fully supported by id, the level design is almost better than the original game. It was a great play-through single and coop, definitely will play through this again!


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