The original creator of this mod is Sacrificato ( He quit the modding-universe years ago ) , i took this mod , merged it with several mods & translated it from Italian to English ( maybe to French asap ). The mod is available into three versions for now : 1.Yoctosfera 2.0 +Translation 2.Yoctosfera 2.0 +Mystery 1.0 +Atmosfear 1.3 +Translation 3.Yoctosfera 2.0 +Mystery 2.0 +Atmosfear 2.0 +Translation Soon i'll merge the mod with more than +100 mods/tweaks , plus enhancing the quality of translation itself , to make it the #1 mod for Clear sky ..just to mention , i work alone on this , so no idea when should i finish with it. Please feel free to subscribe to get our updates :)

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Everything is too damn spungy. 200+ rounds to kill one bloodsucker in the swamps.


Creators are not responding to 'technical support'.

Very nice Vanilla plus Mod. Yoctosfera Ultimate Edition is a huge improvement over previous versions. Highly recomend it.

good mod

i would give 10... but few things are to be corrected. First of all mod is amazing and i see a lot of effort and hard work that was put into it, but i get often game crashes that are probably connected to beeing in factions. logs do not show anything that could be reported tho and those are not "lack of memory" bugs. sometimes they can be as often as one per 30 seconds, sometimes half an hour. so for that -1.

el mejor que cambia el aspecto visual


I like this mod, but there*s a lot of dynamic textures and shaders bugs


For sure dawg the mod is so damn cool. The mechanics, the graphics.. Are so lit m8. 10/10


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