XWVM is a mod to the original Star Wars: X-Wing game from Lucas Arts and Totally Games by Larry Holland and Edward Kilham. Our goal is to rebuild the game engine with newer technologies that allow it to run and make use of the latest hardware and improvements in gaming hardware. The mod will require the player to own and have installation of the original Star Wars: X-Wing game, or have the GOG or Steam versions of X-Wing Special Edition (either the 1993 floppy, the 1994 CD, and/or 1998 Windows edition). XWVM neither contains nor distributes any copyrighted material. All game resource files (missions, voiceovers, SFX, iMUSE automaton, etc) are loaded from the player's copy of the original game, or are original creations of our team, where the original resources are considered inadequate for today's standards.

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Change log for the build 170815 of XWVM PreAlpha Test

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We have released a new version of the PreAlpha Test. You can get the download link from your current XWVM installation. Just log in, and you will be prompted to download the newest build.

This build has a shorter list of changes, but some of them need to be evaluated by our testers to check whether they solve their reported issues (some problems that are hard to replicate our side, without having the exact same hardware configuration).


  • Some of you have reported that you are using vJoy or other controller emulation software to remap your joysticks or controllers that are recognized as multiple devices by the operating system. If you are experiencing problems with some buttons, hats or axes not being recognized, try running XWVM without vJoy or other software emulation.
    The new input system introduced the previous build allows you to map multiple joysticks or controllers simultaneously, and you will be able to use them all at the same time in the game.
    In the Control Mapper panel, you can see all the recognized controllers as a list of buttons (In the picture, a Logitech gamepad and a Thrustmaster joystick are being detected).
    By pressing those buttons, you can remap game actions to the different elements of the selected controller. The Controller column in the action list will show the currently mapped actions for the selected controller.
    Remember to calibrate every axis of every joystick or controller that requires calibration. The Calibrate button will show the calibration panel for the currently selected controller.
    Again, remember that all controller listed are active during the game, not only the one you have clicked last. If you don't want a controller to be used in the game, you will need to click on the Remove button, or just unplug it.


  • Ships get closer to other ships for boarding them now select a much closer point above them. This solves a problem with freighters colliding with each other when both are trying to board stacked containers in YWHM1.
  • Ships will now enter hyperspeed a bit more slowly. This allows us to see the star destroyer at the beginning of YWHM3 for a few more seconds.
  • Disabled ships no longer stop instantly.
  • TIE Bombers in YWHM3 are able to destroy Corvette Karinne.
  • Ships leaving for hyperspace should no longer just vanish when disabled.
  • Ships with "Board and Exchange" and "Board and Deliver" orders will now repair the systems of the ships they board. That makes these boarded ships to go home after they have been repaired. The freighter boarded in YWHM4 now goes home after bein boarded by shuttle Omicron 1.
  • Acronym for Frigate is now FRG.
  • Acronym for Freighter is now FRT.
  • Resolution should no longer be reset on the Visual Settings resolution drop down after restart.
  • Throttling back sharply to zero with a physical slider or throttle should no longer leave the throttle at a value way above zero.
  • Moving the mouse while the flight sequence is loading or while in hyperspace should no longer make your ship spin like crazy when you finally gain control over it.
  • Alt-tabbing out of the game should no longer toggle mouse control if mouse control toggle is mapped to the Tab key. We recommend pausing the game with P or Esc before you Alt-Tab to another application or to the desktop.
  • The physical retail CD-ROM of the 1998 X-wing Collector Series edition of the game should now be recognizable by XWVM.
    (Note: This edition's installation folder is still useless to XWVM and you need to select the CD drive [Not recommended] or the path to a folder where you have copied the contents of the CD)
  • Some optimization done on the loading code should now make the mission loading times shorter.


  • A loading bar will be shown when entering the flight sequence. This hides partially loaded environment (A floating pilot could be spotted before this).
  • A "Y-Wing launching" classic cutscene is now played just before launching the flight sequence.
  • Space debris can now be disabled in the Visual Settings panel.
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