X3: Terran Conflict is a game with much potential, people can see that but it hasn't been exploited yet. I have learnt many things about the game while creating the mod X1: The Pirates, and know is the time to bring them 'things' into the game. My goal is to make the game look better, and have better game play. But to stay true to the x1pf name, I am bring various ships from the different x periods aswell as some custom future ships. Enjoy ....

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Mod crash (Games : X³: Terran Conflict : Mods : X1: Past And Future Mod : Forum : Beta 2.0 Support : Mod crash) Locked
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Jun 21 2009 Anchor

as i wrote i have the problem that my game crashes while the starting procedure.

I'm using the german version of the game.
i have tested it with the last two patches and reinstalled as well but there is still the same problem.

The normal game works as usual.

Is there anyone who had the same problem and what did you do to solve this?^^

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Jun 22 2009 Anchor

As the mod is relatively new, I'm trying to ask around to see if I can find a solution as I doubt many people are around yet. :S

Jun 29 2009 Anchor

I forgot something to ask. I've installed version 1.0 together with the mod is that right i never saw a patch requirement.

Jun 30 2009 Anchor

... yeah the maybe a conflict there, iirc I deleted some files from 1.0 and added others from 2.0. I will add a note on the download to uninstall the previous version.

Thje best thing to do is to uninstall both versions then, install 2.0.

I think I did say something about it in the news post but I must of forgot on the download :redface:

Jun 30 2009 Anchor

I think there is a little misstake i was talking about the reunion version 1.0. I just installed the game from cd and then the mod(last version) . What i mean is which patch version of reunion will be required to run the mod?

i've tested different patches 2.02.5 it doesn't work

Jul 1 2009 Anchor

oh, which game you trying to run it on x3r or x3tc?

the mod is compatible with x3tc 2.1. it will not work on x3 reunion, i'm thinking about converting it to reunion, but it would be hard work!

Jul 1 2009 Anchor

oh ok then the problem is solved so far i tried to run it with x3r

bad news are beter than no news^^

it's a pity so i can't fly may favourite ship the titan...i never recognized that there is a new game at the x-universe (x3tc) just read x3 and thought it is the same game^^

Jul 2 2009 Anchor

thanks, for visiting the x1pf mod anyway. I don't think there is any x2 mods for x3r that I know of, which is strange as there is two for x3tc :S

Jul 2 2009 Anchor

i will buy x3tc i think soon so there will be a chance for me to see your work, thanks :P

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