World in Conflict is perhaps the most audacious project that has ever been embarked upon for Rise of Nations. It will implement real-world realism into Information Age warfare. This includes radical changes to graphics, units stats and all around game-play. The mod has already been released as an Alpha, and the Beta is being worked on. We estimate that it should be fully completed by either summer or fall of 2012.


I am Uthum876 and this mod is primarily a collaboration between myself and my two co-contributors Valdemar and CanoWorms - without these two gents and their hard work this mod would be nothing ;)


We are looking to recruit talented RON scripters who are willing to put in some time to help us develop a quick-battle script. Certain things like unit transport or suicide units are not code-able without the help of a script, so if we want those kinds of features in the mod we need a working script. PM me if you are interested.

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WIC Beta

The Beta is up! You can grab it here:

World In Conflict Beta

Beta Features:
- New effects graphics including new types of munitions and missiles.
- Four factions: Russians (Russians), Americans (Americans), Israelis (Turks), Iranians (Koreans) --- these are the only playable factions.
- Brand new models and animations for Russian, American, Israeli and Iranian units.
- Population limit is at 600.
- Commerce Cap is at +999.
- Realistic unit stats and unit types. In the Beta each faction will receive a few new unit types. Some examples include: Transport helicopters, naval forces and secondary tanks.
- Real world cost system. This means military hardware is extremely
costly, it forces the AI and the player to rely more on infantry and build strong economies. Costs have been driven down in the Beta to make a more competitive AI, however things are still quite expensive.
- AI more intelligent with aircraft. The AI will now carryout airstrikes more frequently on your units, not just in their territory, but on your territory too. It will continue to attack forts and wonders, nevertheless prepare for death from above.
- Effectiveness of SAMs downgraded (they are now very expensive too), air superiority and the tactical use of aircraft emphasized.
- New icons.
- Introduced civilian housing and taxes. All of your cities, apartments, office buildings and hotels will each give +10 wealth.
- Supply wagons heal units.
- All wonders are disabled for now.
- A quick battle script will be available so that players can take advantage of many new features.
- A new Orthodox church for the Russians.
-Special Forces can now sabotage buildings.

All new units added to the Russian and American Factions:
UH-60L transport/gunship, Stryker MGS, Stryker command vehicle, 60mm mortar, Heavy
Sniper, Marine Infantry, AAV-7A1 Amtrac, LAV-25, AH-1Z Viper, MGM-140 ATACMS, Ticonderoga-class Missile Cruiser, Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier and the F/A-18 Fighter Bomber
*New models for existing units: All Infantry, M270 MLRS, F-35 and F-16

PAK-FA, Tu-160, T-90 AM Tagil, Thermobaric Specialist, 2S12 Sani heavy mortar, 9K38 Igla
MANPAD, 9K22 Tunguska, TOS-1, BTR-80 Command Vehicle, Mi8 Hip E, Kirov-class Battle Cruiser, Admiral Kuznestov Aircraft Carrier and the Su-33 Fighter Bomber
*New models for existing units: All infantry, MiG-29 and the BM-30

Israeli Faction units:
IDF Rifle Infantry, IDF Rocket Infantry, IDF Support Infantry, IDF Grenadier, IDF Sniper, IDF 60mm Mortar, Spike ATGM, IDF Heavy Sniper, HMMWV, Namer, Merkava 3, Merkava 4, M109A4, M270 Mendetz, AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, Caterpillar D9, F-15 BAZ, F-16I Sufa, AH-64 Saraph, UH-60 Yanshuf, Tier-One Operators and Namer Command Vehicle

Iranian Faction units:
IRIA Rifle Infantry, IRIA Rocket Infantry, IRIA support Infantry, IRIA Grenadier, IRIA Sniper,
IRIA 60mm Mortar, M67 Recoilless Rifle, BRDM-2, BMP-2M, T-72S, Zulfiqar-3, 2S1 Gvozdika, BM-21, Sa-9 Gaskin, ZSU-23-2 Boragh, MiG-29, AH-1J Cobra, Hesa Saeqeh, Mi-17 and BTR Command vehicle

Units that didn't Make it into the Beta:
- AC-130 (had some issues with this guy's animations)
- UAVs
- Israeli AH-1 Tzefa
- Special Forces sniper units

I will release a small patch by January adding to the mod most of those units, right now Valdemar is busy and I would like some time off :p. So be patient.

Scripted "Transport" units:
The following units can "deploy troops" (APCs/IFVs can deploy regular infantry and helicopters can deploy SF units). However troops cannot be garrisoned back
inside of them:

-M2 Bradley
-AAV-7A1 Amtrac
-Namer IFV
-UH-60 Yanshuf
-Mi-8 Hip E

US Marine Forces:
When you play the mod on ocean maps as the Americans with the script running you have the
power of the USMC at your disposal. As soon as the script recognizes that you have built a dock, Marine units will replace regular Army units. I plan to expand Marine infantry in a later patch, perhaps give them the Javelin and 60mm mortar too. Maybe I will create more Marine vehicles as well.

Competitive AI:
The script tries to optimize AI behavior and make the AI very deadly. If you want a real
challenge play the AI on the "toughest" setting with the script running. The AI will build a big, realistic army with plenty of infantry. It will also try to build a strong economy by first creating 60+ citizens and 6 cities. This only works if you allow the AI to be red, blue or purple. You will find that one on one matches are now more enjoyable.

Known Bugs:
- Transport Helicopters don't seem to heal when garrisoned in the airbase.

Known Issues:
- To make the most authentic looking units, I had gone over the poly count recommended by BHG
for most of my models. Because of this don't expect to play huge 8 player matches. The maximum amount of players per map should be no more than 4 if you have the script running. Even with 4 players you will experience some FPS issues. Try to lower population limits or take out an enemy early.
-The mod works well on Deathmatch mode, but sometimes for some reason in a regular quickbattle an ai player starts off inactive for a while not expanding beyond one city. Sometimes if you attack, it stimulates the ai to begin building their nation. I don't know what causes this.
- As mentioned in the readme, the script complements the mod. However the script will only work
if your player color is the following: green, yellow, white, orange, and cyan. If you play using red, blue or purple colors, the script will train units automatically for you. In the next release I want to try and fix this and make the script compatible with all player colors.

- This is a Beta, meaning its not the final release of this project. So please make all criticism
constructive, I will not respond/entertain you with a response if you are here to insult or whine.
- As said, since this is a Beta, please play the hell out of it. I have not had time to extensively play test it myself, so you the users will be my testers. I will give all of you guys till the last days of this year to play around with the mod and report all bugs to me so I can release a hotfix by year-end.
- Tell me how you feel. What do you think is lacking? What do you think of the balance? I specifically want to know your opinions on naval warfare. What units need to be

What's to Come:
- Now that the Beta is out of the way, I will resume work on the mod soon. More factions and
units for existing factions are planned. When I get back to work my main priorities will be to get more naval units done especially for Iran and Israel.
- I want to do something with ballistic missiles and missile platforms; I especially want to
give mobile systems to Russia and Iran. Help me figure this out.
- I want to definitely expand the script. I especially want to fine-tune it and fix the issues I have with it. What do you think of guerrilla units/rebel forces emerging out of captured cities? And how about suicide bombers and mines?

World In Conflict Factions and Features

World In Conflict Factions and Features

Feature 10 comments

A brief overview of what to expect in the mod. The mod has already been in development for over a year and most of the game features have been implemented...

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World In Conflict Beta Hotfix

World In Conflict Beta Hotfix

Patch 33 comments

This is a re-release of the Beta, bugs have hopefully been please.

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This mod has a lot of good units and has a lot of development ideas but all permanently closed F for a good mod

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it's a good mod. when are the updates?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can I know if the creator is still working on the mod? My intention is not to push for an update, I just want to know if the mod is still in development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Does someone know why the "deploy troops" functionality is not working in multiplayer even though the script is correctly loaded??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

plz inform me when it will be completed and about its progress

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

wonder if atleast another nation is completed or not

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you post an article about WIC's progress ? Please...
There hasn't been anything new for a while...
And a request , please put in a zombie mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when will u finish it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Its feb 12, 2017...
I am waiting. Please respond author , when will we get it?
I want to see naval warfare , ac130 and uav
I think you can make some AWACS, if you dont want uav.
I need frigates destroyers submarines and more

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Hi there!

Have you ever tried "Fierce War" yet?

That mod had my 3d models such as Ac130, S-300, Scud, Iskander M, K-9 thunder, ADATS, T-55, Terminator, Topol M...

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