In this story you'll guide Jack into the woods of lost memories, where you will discover his dark past...

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paul84 says

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Very good !


BrokenCYDE says

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Cool mod with a lot of nice features and an unique environment.


ShellDown says

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Amazing mod!


Damon93 says

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I'm not really a big fan of mazes, that's why I was never able to finish the other custom story (Maze of Lost Memories).
That's why I'm not completely into the story, but I still played this custom story.

I really enjoyed it and it was really well made. I didn't encounter glitches (I'm a good person finding them, I figured).

I didn't notice the "hard mode" and "regular mode" in the beginning and I acidentally started off with hard mode, oops. The regular mode was the same for me, but it seems like that was because the "Amnesia Hard Mode" also changes the monsters in custom stories.
The "funny mode" adds some fun, but I do not recommend using this mode in your first playthrough of this mod (if anyone thinks about that). It kinda ruins the atmosphere ("funny" mode, duh)

You used music from the game Layers of Fears. Some may not have any feelings with this, but I did. This game has left me with quite some (emotional) feelings. By using the music in your custom story I was instantly reminded of this. Of course, this is something personal, but for me it gave something extra.

Great experience, thank you!


nagle213 says

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like the multi stories process


thoumi96 says

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*Going to complete my review when i have fully completed the story*

- Gameplay It's unique so far, but I enjoyed the first story more. every
single memory so far has been "try to find this and that" if you
like that kind of a gameplay this story is for you.

- Story The Story is pretty cool (played the maze of lost memories) and this
is a direct sequel. For me the only thing that keeps me playing is
the story.

-Scares Repeated monsters for me is not that scary tbh, but some non monster
scares were pretty good


TroHea says

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Really awesome, but never put in such "slime finding" puzzles again. :D

This is possibly the most unique mod I've ever played in Amnesia.

Found (all?) three endings btw. :3


CustomStoryGatherers says

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Excellent custom story from beginning to the end. The woods of lost memories is the sequel of the maze of the lost memories where you will continue in the footsteps of Jack. This custom story is a one man's project and its pretty well made.

Scripting: Although I am not an expert in scripting, his first version was already really solid in scripting. No major flaws or clipping entities (the big clock did clip a bit), no real scripting errors or game breaking bugs. Well made enemy paths (I know some people complained about the nodes being in the file, but XDJ had a good reason to include them. Furthermore, who cares if it makes the custom story a little bit bigger? or do you need space for your porn collection? XD). Even the first version released (which I played) was solid from the beginning to the end without flaws or bugs. According to XDJ, he found some minor bugs, but I did not even notice them.

Atmosphere/Music: good atmosphere throughout the custom story. Good use of switching between scary and peaceful atmosphere. Some music was taken from other games, but he chose his music well. IDC that he got it from another game.

Monsters and scares: Monsters were somewhat challenging in the beginning of hard mode and that is a good thing, since it makes encounters scarier. Since the stronger and faster monsters make you not want to encounter them, and that is the purpose of Amnesia. The monsters were overall well placed and not glitchy. Some minor well placed scares and no jump scares.

Story: This custom story is so good because of the story. Its a well thought story with satisfying endings. The story itself is also semi-interactive which is something really interesting. You learn a lot about the main character, its motives, why he is in that situation and his past, and so about the secondary characters in the story.

There is nothing really that is bad about this custom story.

Well done, XDJ. 10/10 - Custom Story Gatherers


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