Welcome to my first ever ECWolf mod, "Wolfenstein 3D - Fourth Encounter". Why the name? Well, I would say it was just a lazy decision. :D This mod first started out as a simple map pack and slowly became something more as I started to learn more and more stuffs in ECWolf.

The story is similar to the original missions of Wolfenstein 3D so there is not much to talk about.

"But what's different then?"
In this mod ammo capacity is increased up to 150 (max 350 if you collect enough backpacks) and believe me, you will need it!

These are the basic enemies:

And these are the new enemies (from left to right):
The Prison Guard is a slightly weaker version of the standard Guard. The Bunker Guard is slightly stronger on the other hand and shoots twice in a row. The Elite SS is a tougher version of the regular SS. The Wehrmacht soldier has the same health as the regular SS but instead of 4 times he fires his MP40 6 times in a row. The SS Officers are slightly faster and stronger than the original Officers. The Scientists are just simple Guard replacements. :) The Prison Guard and Scientist don't appear very often. But the others are almost entirely present in the 3rd chapter

Here are the bosses:
Hansel von Fickenberg is very similar to Hans Grosse... but his armor is grey. You will meet the Schabbs brothers (Dr. Franz Schabbs, Dr. Gunther Schabbs) in the 2nd chapter. They aren't as tough as the good old Schabbs himself in the original game but beating two bosses consumes many ammo. Here is the Enforcer you will meet in the middle of the 3rd chapter. He has the same toughness as Hansel but there isn't too much room to fight him. And finally the evil Staatmeister (Robodolf Hiedler) and his best friend, the Devil. Hiedler is the same as Hitler but he drops a key to the Devil's lair so you gotta fight two bosses here as well... and the Devil is almost as quick as an Ubermutant so you gotta be careful with him.

And the midbosses:
The Kommandant is nearly as dangerous as Hansel but he is slightly weaker. Drops ammobox upon death. The Flammenwerfer is just a Robed Hitler replacement. The Raketenwerfer is as weak as Flammenwerfer but their rockets hurt very much.

There are secret enemies and a secret weapon that you can find.

The mod needs the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

If you find any bugs, please let me know!

(There is a textfile of the credits included with the mod.)

I hope you will enjoy it.

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Wolfenstein 3D - Fourth Encounter (How to start)

Starting a mod Tutorial

(Important!) To play the mod you will need the full version of Wolfenstein 3D!

Setting up:
If you downloaded the file successfully, then extract it's content anywhere you want. It should have these files in the folder:

If everything's present then look for the WL6 files in your Wolfenstein 3D's directory and copy them in the mods folder.

Starting the game:
If everything is done as described above then all you have to do is to click and drag the W3DFE.pk3 file to ECWolf. (If you also have Spear of Destiny present in ECWolf's folder then it would ask you to choose from the main games. In this case choose Wolfenstein 3D.) Then the game should start in a few seconds. Enjoy. :)

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Wolfenstein 3D - Fourth Encounter (with ecwolf)

Wolfenstein 3D - Fourth Encounter (with ecwolf)

Full Version

A 27 (+3 secret) level Wolfenstein 3D mod (divided into 3 chapters) that was made for the ECWolf source port. It features new enemies, new graphics, new...

Orka6912 Creator
Orka6912 - - 18 comments

If anyone has any problem with extracting the files, then here is an alternate link to a 7z format file:

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Orka6912 Creator
Orka6912 - - 18 comments

Now the files are available. If you find any bugs then please let me know. (And of course any other feedback is welcome) :)

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PDGamer2012 - - 14 comments

I can't find the download.

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