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blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jul 1 2017 Anchor

MW Mod 5.0 development is progressing well. Below is an approximate list of major changes that 5.0 will bring. Please note that this list is subject to change as the mod is being actively developed right now. A complete change log will be provided sometime in August as development begins to wrap up:

  • Much needed improvements to light/medium combat vehicles:
    • IFVs and armored infantry carriers (Stryker family of vehicles, BMP, Bradley, etc) now have reduced prices (600 to 650 RP range) to increase their versatility.
    • Many players have reported that Styker TOW does not auto-acquire or fire its missile properly on targets. This has been completely fixed now -- Stryker TOW will now properly auto-acquire and fire TOW missile against any targets within its range.
    • Kornet-E ATGM vehicle will now also auto-acquire its targets rather than requiring the player to manually target.
    • The REDFOR side now receives the new BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle, which has been asked over and over by the community since 2012 -- we finally delivered :> The BMP-3 does not replace the BMP-2 unit -- both units will be available for you to use.
      • BMP-3M has 30mm auto cannon, 100mm HE and ATGM as secondary shooter. 30mm and ATGM will auto-fire as necessary. To fire 100mm HE, use force-fire (press G key then left click on desired target zone).
  • Numerous small improvements and bug fixes and improvements, including:
    • Improvement to FGM-148 Javelin's range for BLUEFOR infantry
    • Scout helicopters can now reveal hidden infantry -- good for defensive use in your own spawn zone.
    • Fixed the annoying bug where aircraft gets stuck and flips back and forth endlessly when FOB is spawned against the map edge.
    • BLUEFOR: non-support players can now purchase Iron Dome for counter-artillery defense as out-of-role, albeit at a premium price.
    • Cruise missiles can now be salvo launched at a faster rate, if the launchers are firing simultaneously from different locations around the spawn zone. Rather than limiting all launchers in the game world to 1 missile per 3 seconds, the rate limiter is now only enforced on nearby group of launchers.
  • Significant improvements to the S-300PM Heavy SAM for the REDFOR faction:
    • In our first move toward migrating to S-400 standards, the S-300 system in game is receiving significant improvements, such as:
      • Increased data-link performance between radars, launchers and system elements, allowing faster reaction to enemy threats and increasing overall system firepower.
      • The Big Bird battle management radar can now be forward deployed to extend S-300's engagement range further out in the map -- just like with Patriot and MEADS radar being forward deployed on BLUEFOR side.
      • Anti-tactical ballistic missile defense capability is now added to S-300. After you switch on both offensive *AND* defensive abilities on the S-300 fire unit, force-fire (press G then left click on ground) the unit to the desired azimuth to receive ballistic missile queuing. Unit will engage incoming ATACMS SRBM at altitudes around 20km with 48N6 missile.
  • On the ballistic missile front:
    • The REDFOR faction now receives the new North Korean Nodong-A (Hwasong-7) Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) launcher, tipped with 20-kiloton nuclear warhead. It takes about 3 minutes to arrive on target as the missile climbs all the way up to 240km altitude -- due to high reentry speeds in excess of Mach 7, MRBMs represent the most challenging threat for BLUEFOR missile defenses to intercept.
    • 9M723K1 Iskander ballistic missile now performs aggressive evasive maneuvering during its terminal phase, stressing out interceptors trying to take it out. The missile will shift position up to 2-3km away from its original trajectory as it commits to evasive turns.
    • REDFOR AI support players will now launch a nuclear-tipped North Korean MRBM from time to time, once or twice every match, if their launch site is not suppressed by BLUEFOR team. If the REDFOR support AI's missile site is staying alive for 6-8 minutes undisturbed, it will launch a nuke. To prevent friendly fire, the nuke will always fire into BLUEFOR spawn zone -- AI will never fire it to the frontline, as risk of friendly fire is high.
  • New PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) for BLUEFOR missile defenses:
    • Previously in the older versions of MW Mod, we had mentioned PAC-3 MSE as the included interceptor for ballistic missile defense on BLUEFOR side. However, this was during the time when the real-life version of PAC-3 MSE was going through series of development phases (EMD and LUT) and was not inducted officially into the Army service.

      As PAC-3 MSE in real-life has now reached Full Rate Production and the new missile is rolling out to frontline US forces in South Korea, it has become necessary for us to update the Patriot system in game and improve realism of the system being simulated. To that end, as of the previous MW Mod 4.8 version released back in August 2016, we stopped mentioning PAC-3 MSE by name in our mod, and existing PAC-3 interceptors in game had been renamed to PAC-3 CRI (Cost Reduction Initiative), which is the older baseline PAC-3 interceptor in service.

    • With MW Mod 5.0, we are now officially introducing the new properly modeled PAC-3 MSE missile, along with the new M903 launch station that packs 12x MSE missiles. The new PAC-3 MSE missile in game will work in conjunction with the existing PAC-3 CRI/baseline missiles and will provide significantly improved performance against REDFOR No Dong MRBM targets -- where as PAC-3 CRI reaches up to 20km altitude in game, MSE will now reach up to 32km altitude, allowing targets to be intercepted much higher up.

    • Dual pulse solid rocket motor of MSE is also modeled in game -- while PAC-3 CRI may struggle in intercepting maneuvering Iskander SRBM at extended ranges, PAC-3 MSE will provide sufficient thrust and aerodynamic capability to maneuver with the target and make the intercept. The 2nd pulse will fire when MSE has acquired the Iskander and begins divert commands to match the evasive maneuvering being made by the target.

    • Players are encouraged to mix and match both PAC-3 CRI and PAC-3 MSE missiles when purchasing them from TA menu. The AI is programmed to pick the best interceptor that will have the most likely chance of success. For example, when dealing with the maneuvering Iskander SRBM, AI will pick PAC-3 CRI if the Iskander is within the aerodynamic envelope, closer from a PAC-3 CRI launcher. If not, AI will use MSE to take it out to cover the extended range required. Against No Dong MRBMs coming down at Mach 7+, AI will prefer to fire 2x MSE, followed by a PAC-3 CRI in a 3-shot ripple to ensure destruction.

Edited by: blahdy

Jul 11 2017 Anchor

Will use new model of t72B?

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jul 13 2017 Anchor
usseal wrote:

Will use new model of t72B?

T-72B is being removed from the mod. Instead, we will standardize to T-90A, T-80UK for MBTs with future roadmap to add T-14. BMP-3 has been added as well.

Jul 20 2017 Anchor

I'm really liking the sounds of this! The improved SAMs and BMs will make support even more fun, and I'm very glad for the FOB fix- that could get really annoying on some custom maps. The REDFOR nuke timer should make games as BLUFOR a bit more hectic as well- you have to make sure to nicely coat the REDFOR support player's units with explosives every now and again. Keep up the great work!

Aug 11 2017 Anchor

since the wic was not "owned by anyone" any idea on re use the engine and make another game so i can feel like im playing a game not a mod cause i feel like i need to pay money for this kind of stuff but i dont want to donate

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