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blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Nov 10 2012 Anchor

MW Mod ships with anhCheats pre-installed. To use anhCheats in game, follow the directions as listed below:

1. Create shortcut of "wic.exe" to your desktop. Right click on the shortcut then go to Properties. Add '-console' at the end of the Target field.

2. Always start WiC using this shortcut from now on -- you have now enabled in-game console.

3. While in game, press ~ twice to bring up console. Enter 'py import anhCheats' to load anhCheats.

4. Now you can spawn units using the following command: 'py anhCheats.CreateUnits('UNIT_NAME_STRING')'
The unit will spawn at where your mouse pointer is. Replace UNIT_NAME_STRING with actual unit name, some of them are listed below:


To further automate commands, use wicautoexec.txt. You can read more about it by Googling wicautoexec.txt, or use a sample one we provided here:

Nov 10 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the example

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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

TT^TT ... oh MEN.... I hope theres Still A AnhCheats that I can download.... if anyone out there some one help me :)) i need that AnhCheat on WIC :( reaaly really bad

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Nov 22 2012 Anchor

anhCheats is included in the mod, so yo udont have to download it again.

Nov 24 2012 Anchor

:(( oh men.... -.- what do you mean??....

:( oh well.... I really like Cheat modes Thought.... I thought I could find A Cheat mode for Wic.... How could I save Bannon Now if I dont have a cheat mod

:( Oh well.... Gonna stick to Trainers again -.-

Is there any.. or other Download link of the Anh Cheat mod for Wic :( I really really need the cheat mod...

Dec 31 2012 Anchor

1. Create shortcut of "wic.exe" to your desktop. Right click on the shortcut then go to Properties. Add '-console' at the end of the Target field.

When I do it says that the file does not exist

Jul 11 2013 Anchor

How to make it easier to spawn, without using console:

1. Create wicautoexec.txt in World in Conflict folder inside My Documents
2. Type or copy this:
py import anhCheats
bind shift+1 py anhCheats.CreateUnits( 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ' )
bind shift+2 py anhCheats.CreateUnits( 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ' )
bind shift+3 py anhCheats.CreateUnits( 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ' )

You can replace UNIT_NAME_STRING with the actual unit name, which is listed above.
You can spawn multiple units in once with this command:

bind shift+1 py anhCheats.CreateUnits( 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ', 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ', 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ', 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ' )

And you can replace "shift+1, shift+2, etc" to another button, like "ctrl+1, ctrl+2, etc"

bind ctrl+1 py anhCheats.CreateUnits( 'UNIT_NAME_STRING ' )

Now, how can we spawn it ingame?
1. Open the game, play
2. Press the button, which is same with the command, example, Shift + 1
3. And you just make surprize to enemy unit by spawning in front of enemy unit xD

That's all from me :)

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Sep 26 2013 Anchor

What do you mean by "target field".

Never mind i looked at a other forum, i got it now.

Jul 10 2014 Anchor

Why i cannnot add console in the target field in Wic shortcut?

Jan 1 2016 Anchor

hello , please i want all units names of anhcheats like : MEADS . radars of usa and ru and more . can someone help me?

Oct 23 2017 Anchor

how can you command both factions?

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Oct 24 2017 Anchor

Ctrl+Q to bring up anhViewer menu. You can then change team of selected unit.

Jan 4 2018 Anchor

Thanks to your article and video, I can bring up console and spawn units now.

In the video, you call out a menu like this:

+ Editor

Is that the anhViewer menu? But Ctrl+Q didn't bring it up. Could you please tell me how to call out this menu?
Thank you!

I see. You bind Ctrl+Q to a function.

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