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3.5 (Kilter) Development Change Log: (Games : World in Conflict : Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod : Forum : General Mod Discussion : 3.5 (Kilter) Development Change Log:) Locked
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blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Oct 7 2012 Anchor

This thread will be continuously updated to show development changes from 3.5 (Kilter). Everything shown below is also subject to change.

Daily Build 5474:
- FLINT 2.5 Engine Update:
- Latency-Insensitive (LI) Aerodynamics: Calculation of munition aerodynamics and drag is no longer affected by the frame rate (tested up to 9 fps).
- Minimum required frame rate is now 15 fps (recommended rate is still 40 fps since proximity-fuse and guidance computation still require high speed).
- Gravitational acceleration is now realistically simulated. Missiles now gain an increased downward velocity at a cumulative rate of 9.82m/s^2 while coasting.
- Launching missile at very high altitude (i.e. 9M120 Ataka, Hellfire, etc) will now noticeably increase range, as gravitational acceleration helps increase its cruise range during dive.
- Maximum safe altitude ceiling for FLINT missiles has now been increased to 1,000 wm (mega map viewer distance).

- Fixed broken LOAL auto-pilot routine for AIM-9X. Missile no longer dives into the ground when lofting.
- Reduced drag on R-73M missile.
- Reduced reload time for 9M119M Refleks missile to 90 seconds (from 120).
- Improved guidance for 9A4172 Vikhr M missile when fired at longer range.
- Removed outdated unit description on Mi-28 attack helicopter which advised the user to right-click on enemy target first, prior to attacking (this is no longer true).
- Slightly improved maneuverability on Mi-28N attack helicopter.
- Significantly improved proximity fuse performance on the Russian 57E6 Pantsir S1 missile. Doppler radio frequency scan code is now implemented.
- Reduced the price of 9K79 Tochka ballistic missile for Russian air role to 10 TA each. 3 of them can now be purchased at once for 30 TA.
- Completely reprogrammed the MGM-168 ATACMS missile to match real life data. Missile is now a quasi-ballistic maneuvering SSM, not a ballistic missile. Missile drops near-vertical during terminal dive.
- Increased maximum TBM engagement altitude for S-300 SAM.
- S-300 SAM will now alert the player when a hostile anti-radiation missile has been detected.

Daily build 5475:
- RU Forward Air Controller changed from vehicle to infantry unit.
- Mobile Mortar fire rate increased (US side 10 rounds, 2 seconds fire rate, 45 seconds reload).
- Significantly optimized and downsized Tu-142 ground impact explosion animation.
- Infantry sprint time increased to 30 seconds.
- Rearranged Infantry role units as follows (Land Warfare Systems Implementation - Phase I):
- Joint Services Integration for US faction going forward. Infantry role is now exclusively USMC; Air role is US Army Aviation + US Air Force; Armor and Support roles are US Army.
- Removed Combat Engineer.
- Removed Sniper.
- US AH-1Z Cobra relocated to Infantry role (USMC).
- Replaced all Fire Team units with 3 primary squads as follows (for both factions): Anti-Infantry, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air.
- USMC Anti-Infantry Squad:
- 1 Squad Leader (M16A4)
- 3 Fire team leaders (M16A4, M203)
- 2 Light machine gunners (M249 SAW)
- 2 Riflemen (M16A4/AT-4)
- 1 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)
- 1 Corpsman/Medic (M4A1)
- USMC Anti-Tank Squad:
- 1 Squad Leader (M16A4)
- 3 Fire team leaders (M16A4, M203)
- 2 Light machine gunners (M249 SAW)
- 2 Riflemen (M16A4/AT-4)
- 1 Heavy AT Specialist (FGM-148)
- 1 Corpsman/Medic (M4A1)
- USMC Anti-Air Squad:
- 1 Squad Leader (M16A4)
- 2 Fire team leaders (M16A4, M203)
- 2 Light machine gunners (M249 SAW)
- 2 Riflemen (M16A4/AT-4)
- 2 Heavy AA Specialist (FIM-92F)
- 1 Corpsman/Medic (M4A1)
- RU Motor-Rifle Troops Anti-Infantry Squad:
- 1 Commander (AK74)
- 3 Riflemen (AK74)
- 2 Machine Gunners (PKP)
- 2 AT Grenadier (RPG-7, APS)
- 1 Dedicated Marksman (SVD)
- 1 Medic (AK74)
- RU Motor-Rifle Troops Anti-Tank Squad:
- 1 Commander (AK74)
- 3 Riflemen (AK74)
- 2 Machine Gunners (PKP)
- 2 AT Grenadier (RPG-7, APS)
- 1 Heavy AT Specialist (Metis M)
- 1 Medic (AK74)
- RU Motor-Rifle Troops Anti-Air Squad:
- 1 Commander (AK74)
- 2 Riflemen (AK74)
- 2 Machine Gunners (PKP)
- 2 AT Grenadier (RPG-7, APS)
- 2 Heavy AA Specialist (9M39)
- 1 Medic (AK74)
- Removed Grenade offensive ability from all infantry units -- they now automatically fire grenades as they see fit.
- All infantry fire team units now have Direct Artillery offensive ability -- to be replaced with JFSN Fire Mission Request for networked artillery in MW Mod 4.0.

Daily build 5476:

- Mi-28 Havoc will now launch 9M120 Ataka missile at an upward pitched angle when firing from low altitude at maximum range. This is to help extend missile's effective range while avoiding terrain obstructions.
- 9M120 Ataka missile now flies straight above the gunner's line of sight, then descends on the target at a fixed distance determined by the range finder. This is done primarily to clear obstacles, instead of achieving top-attack.
- US AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle's Offensive Ability now launches M90 smoke grenades to help conceal exposed infantry.
- US AAVP7A1 Mk19 grenade launcher is now automatically fired from time to time.
- Optimized helicopter FFAR rocket explosion animations.
- Increased armor penetration of BGM-71 TOW and 9K115-2 Metis M (infantry-fired ATGM) to 900-950mm eRHA equivalent.
- Fixed a bug where ATGM explosion animates water splash when contacting ground terrain.

Daily build 5478:
- BTR-80 amphibious transport vehicle updated to BTR-82A specifications. Replaced 14.5mm with 2A72 30mm cannon and added smoke mortar special ability for concealing infantry.
- BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle now fires 2A42 30mm cannon.
- FARP renamed to Forward Operating Base (FOB).
- Heavy Transport Helicopter has been re-tasked as Mobile FARP. Cannot spawn aircraft, but can repair + rearm helicopters. Useful to push toward frontline. Spawning of aircraft/Air Force units can only be performed by ground-based FOB.

Daily build 5480:
- RU T-90A Main Battle Tank offensive ability replaced with Thermal Imaging optical system to see through smoke & battlefield fogs.
- RU T-90A MBT 9M119M Refleks missile is now automatically fired on targets of opportunity.
- US M1A2 Abrams MBT upgraded to SEP v2 standard -- now has Joint Forces Network tactical data-link (JTDS client). Unit will automatically request UAV recon and request available Air Force units to provide CAS & CAP as needed.

Daily build 5482:

- JTAC/FAC tactical aid price increased for support role.
- Slightly increased score gained from intercepting US AGM-88 HARM.
- Reduced S-300 SAM emplacement special abilities recharge time.
- S-300 SAM now ripple fires missiles 2 seconds apart per track engaged.
- RU Mi-28 Attack Helicopter for Experts now has 4x 9M39 Igla air-to-air missiles, in addition to AGMs.

Daily build 5486:
- F/A-18E Super Hornet added for US SEAD aircraft.
- New model for AIM-120C-7 missile.
- Advanced Flight Modeling (AFM) for theater ballistic missiles. SS-21/9K79 Tochka ballistic missile now glides entirely on ballistic trajectory, coming down purely on gravitational acceleration.
- Ballistic missile launch warning sirens are now only played when a SAM radar detects the missile -- gives the defending team less warning time.

Daily build 5496:
- FLINT 2.5b43 Update:

  • Fast Data-Link Lookup Cache (FDLC) for proximity fused warheads -- significantly improves game performance and frame-rate when lot of SAMs are flying in the air with their proximity fuse sensors running.
  • Fast-Correlating Linear Interpolation (FCLERP) for EXGame driver -- improves frame-rate & performance while moving missiles in the game box.
  • EXPlayer.MoverBase() driver physics - Rocket booster's engine flare is now aligned to the missile's Angle of Attack (AOA) vector, rather than the rocket body orientation. Missiles making curved maneuvers will now appear more natural in physics presentation.

- Re-programmed Track-via-Missile (TVM) homing guidance law for Patriot and S-300 Heavy SAMs -- ECCM is significantly increased.
- Increased S-300 SAM's 48N6 warhead kill distance.
- Improved proximity fuse search pattern & trigger parameters for both S-300 48N6 and Patriot PAC-2 missiles.

Daily build 5532:

- CAI (Commander AI) interface stability improvements.
- Fixed EX3D MRender32 error causing game crash while rendering US Javelin soldier.
- Increased TDMA frequency for JTDS aircraft task scheduler. Aircraft units now respond a bit faster to player requests for air support.
- Increased re-spawn time for dead aircraft, for game balance reasons.
- Event Polling & Preemptive Multitasking Support for S-300 SAM engagement scheduler.
- Interrupt Request capability for Patriot GEM-T missiles during their final terminal homing loop. Inbound missiles can now be re-directed (engagement override) by the ground radar to another target while in mid-flight.

Daily build 5570:
- Improved Time Division Multiplexing code for S-300 and Patriot SAM when handling saturation attacks.
- Improved Command & Decision AI for Patriot SAM when coming under intensive simultaneous air & ballistic missile attacks.
- Improved ballistic missile detection & reaction time for S-300 SAM.
- Rewrote infantry & armor Commander AI (CAI) scripts for bot players.
- Russian CAI support players will now launch ballistic missile attacks on a more frequent basis.
- Fixed in-game freeze-up/crash instability issues resulting from Armor bot CAI script.
- Stryker MGS main cannon ammunition changed to HE MP-T. Vehicle will now fire main cannon against enemy infantry (great to use as counter-infantry for Armor role).

Daily build 5573:
- Release Engineering

Edited by: blahdy

Oct 7 2012 Anchor

looking great :D

Oct 20 2012 Anchor

This looks quite promising.
IMO, RU Mi-28Ns and T-90As were highly underpowered in 3.2 when compared to their US counterparts. Now they'll finally stand a chance on the battlefield!
P.S: Will RU Infantry role get a light attack helicopter too? Seems like they don't have any air assets ATM according to wiki.

Edited by: cym104

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Oct 21 2012 Anchor

RU infantry should be able to out-of-role purchase Mi-24.

Oct 22 2012 Anchor

Is there any place we can download daily builds from?

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Nov 18 2012 Anchor

New update Daily build 5532 in progress....

Lot of bug fixes and code optimizations........

cym104: Not yet... we may have a beta period soon though, not sure.

Nov 18 2012 Anchor

blahdy wrote: New update Daily build 5532 in progress....
we may have a beta period soon though, not sure.

Looking forward to it!

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