What if one day, you wake up as a patient in a hospital, without any memory of yourself? What are you going to believe? Or... Who are you going to believe?...

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New translations for White Night is added and soundtrack is released on intense request. Also a few info about my future plans are discussed.

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Hi all, it's been more than four months since White Night is released. Since that time, a lot happened; but most important one was to be Best Singleplayer in MOTY 2011. Thank you everyone, and thank you ModDB! Yeah, ModDB was quite helpful to me and to my fellow developers. Thank you.


In 1.1 update, I've fixed some bugs and added some new things to make it easier for inexperienced players. In this update I added three new languages: Portuguese, Spanish and Greek. I won't release standalone downloads for those languages. I put them in the main installation package, so all translations will be built-in. Credits to translations can be found in download page.

Desura edition is updated too. No other new content is added.

White Night Full Release v1.1


It's sad that people don't read. Majority of people who have heard of White Night didn't even play it. A lot of people kept asking me about soundtrack, so I felt like a compilation of full versions of musics I used in White Night would be nice for those people.

White Night Soundtrack

Please note that I didn't compose these musics. If you want to check other tracks of these composers, their websites are:
- Broken Notes Music Productions
- Liminality (Liminal RECS)

Future Plans

A lot of people keep asking me about White Night 2; and here's my words:


If you think about it, you will see that David's story has ended and there is no logical way to continue it. I had ideas for possible expansions, like telling Dr. Patrick's and Sofia's pasts and motives, but the number of people who really were into story was quite low. So, if people won't bother understanding story, why should I bother telling more? I already have some long conversations with people who really wanted to understand what really happened; and those were quite enjoyable for me.

There are very few people who really got close, but still, no one got the story completely. At least, not the way I wrote. Everyone has their own interpretations, and that's the best part. Worst part is, those who don't even bother to read the notes and complain about how story didn't make sense. Let's Plays are not for understanding story, they are for fun.

Anyway, I'm already done with White Night and HPL2 engine. If anyone wants to follow my new works, here comes a new thriller from the creator of White Night:



Kind of lame there won't be an expansion. Though, it's fine as it is. I liked David's story, even if it was hard to follow at times.

Looking forward to Reflections.

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Tanshaydar Author

What is lame here is people complain about "lack of monsters". I still find that dumb as it seems no one cared to read anything.

I'd be better work on something new instead of something no one will care, wouldn't I?

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Well, i read every note i could find, and they where terrible. The grammar, spelling and the structure of the sentences.... No wait, i want to correct my self, they actually where ****.
The level-design was just weird and ugly.

What is lame here is White Night. Which is sad, because there probably is a really nice diamond beneath if you care to polish it.

"You are at a hospital David, a mental one".
- Some one better give that hospital it's pills before it hurts someone!

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Tanshaydar Author

I read your review and this comment...
I really tried to take you seriously, but when I saw you writing 'where' instead of 'were' while nitpicking about grammar; I'll just go and think that you are some sort of hater. Sorry.

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Yeah i know my english isnĀ“t the best out there. But that does not make those mistakes you did any better. Neither does it make me a hater.

"What is lame here is people complain about "lack of monsters". I still find that dumb as it seems no one cared to read anything."
- If you want people to read, make reading enjoyable.

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I TOTALLY AGREE WITH Tan's comments! VAN! YOU ARE A FAIL + Why r they com[lainin about lack of monsters. STORY LINE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!

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