This mod turns Fallout 4 into a Silent Hill like Nigthtmare. From now on you will be surrounded by Thick Fog, strange sounds and occasionally being dragged into a otherworld where monsters await you!

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Fantastic, much better then the actual game. If only it had more story content

This mod makes returning to Fallout worthwhile.


I love Silent Hill and the mod author NAILS the Silent Hill vibe with this mod. Whether it's Silent Hill enemies that you face off against or being forced to fight against the "Other World", all encounters keep you on your toes. Sirenhead and Pyramid Head are wonderful additions to this mod. I love it!


A highly immersive experience. Very recommended for any horror fans out there, specially those who played the Silent Hill games.


I've since registered so here is my feedback from my guest post:

I love the atmosphere that the monsters give, hearing Siren Head wandering around in the distance is great. But I had to uninstall the mod. Lying figures were all over the place and just killed every other enemy. Not to mention those lying figures are really loud and really annoying. I love hearing things lurking around in the fog but the sheer volume of them makes it unbearable. It's a cool mod but really the implementation of the lying figures ruin it.

Overall it would be nice to have this mod be more functional alongside other mods. As it is, Whispering Hills feels like a mod that wants to be the main focus of your playthrough and kind of demands that you build your game entirely around it. The most common complaint I see with this mod as well is with the lying figures. The unfortunate thing is that the developer of the mod seems adamant that they are implemented well despite the fact that they are the most common complaint.

This mod is really unnerving for most, but I do find enjoyment in playing this beautiful work. The enemies are well balanced, often times too fast than you can ever run, but it's all okay.

Whispering Hills is one of best mods that you must download. It gives you the chills, gives you the right amount of horror in it that you can't stop looking around you... making sure no Lying Figures are there to spit acid on you, or Sirenhead chasing you like a madman.

More enemy spawn option and enemy types (preferably, the infamous Pyramid Head) would be suffice for the mod to make its own way to be its own complete overhaul -- just like Frost or Horizon. I feel that most of the enemies I encountered are very lacking and had to wait for the Otherworld attacks to make it rather... crowded.

All in all, I enjoyed this one and would not mind to see further expansion to this beautiful mod.

spooky as hell

Truly a must have mod. Brings out the best of Fallout.
With Whispering Hills, expect a true Ug Qualthoth experience

I give it 10 points because it's free quality. I am constantly surprised by this mod, which is a very good thing. This mod drags Fallout 4 into the dark and gradually transforms it into a psychological horror that this game really needs.

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Fantastic, much better then the actual game. If only it had more story content

May 4 2020 by bigbossbalrog