Hi and Welcome to the westfront!
the Westfront mod put 4 faction Divisions into the Battle of Normandy and Belgium
it only uses Vehicles that was used in the time between June and October 1944

the faction are not real units (a 19.PzGrdiv was never build)
i choose this way to use all Vehicles that was used in Normandy
without making more Factions

and to bring the whole aspect of the battles in Normandy ingame
the 19. PzGrDiv replac esthe german Wehrmacht
the 12. Fj Division replaces all units that was part of the Luftwaffe
the 39. Infantrydivision stand for the British and Canadian Forces
the 17. Tank Division replaces all American units

all these 4 Factions got their own history

the 19. PzGrDiv was involved into the Battles around Caen against the Canadians and British troops
later it was a mainpart of the "unternhemen lüttich" and was closely escaping the Falaise pocket

at the 6th of June the 12. Fj.Division was fighting against the american troops on the the contentin peninsula, that was comin from the Division was split by the Americans into two parts
the one part was defending Cherbourg and the other part was so hard damaged by Allied Air bombardment that it was send to Belgium to Regroup and refresehing (only 35% where left of them)
later it was involved into the Market Garden operation

its the same system that Relic used for their Factions (Kampfgruppe Lehr,Able Company,etc)

- Team Colors Removed
- no Population Limit
- Limit for Tanks/Vehicles (Allies have higher limits then the german)
- Tracers deleted
- Territory Lines deleted
- transparency effects removed
- Bigger squads
- Realistic movement of Tanks/vehicles
- Realistic Damage System
- Bigger Doctrin Trees (3x4)
- Logistic Officers for every Faction
- Better Balanced Prices
- new Icons
- New Sounds
- New units (like the Commando Tiger)
- exclusive Maps
- Some Tanks can switch between HE/AT Ammo
- infantry without AT weapons doesnt fire on tanks anymore

Martinlegend - Leader/Coding/Icons

Xalibur - Coding help
Ghostrider - Coding help
Slayerknecht - Coding Help + Skins
Celestial - ui mod
Jagdpanther (RN) - Co Modder

Lord Rommel - Help for Historical Correctnes

GnigruG - Skins
Georider - Skins
MrScruff - Skins
Spaulicks - Skin
Reichsbahn - Icons
Ninja117 - Icons
Halftrack - Skins
Dartvater - skins
Icepress - Header

Jorge 2125 - Models
Tankdestroyer - Models
Halftrack - Models
Loran korn - models
eliwood - models

Neroleone - Maps
Das Mega-Map-Projekt Team - Maps
Sphinx - Maps
ironcross - Maps
Schwejk - Maps
MaxiKing6 - Maps

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Download link

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Download link:

How to install?

Well extract both files from "Westfront v1.3" to your installed folder.

For example:
"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes"

Then at shortcut add Target line with
" -mod Westfront -dev"

For example:
"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -mod Westfront -dev


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Did someone have a Downloadlink ?

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Gamefront.online 1.3.rar

VERY WORKING download lionk bvecause i searched over 2 hours for a working one

greetings Zero

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Can someone upload the file for this mod. The link does not work. thanks

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На Gamefront нет этого мода...жаль(((. Может кто подскажет где его скачать. Напишите если есть тут кто русскоговорящий...

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Guys when i try to put -mod westfront -dev it wont start the mod eny help?

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I really love some of these great mods out there but I am not too savy about installing them! I am trying to install the westfront and also the eastfront games into my steam game listings.Any help would be appreciated!!!Step by step, for whoever has the patience.

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I didn't test it with steam can anyone tell me will it work with steam version ? because i didn't play this mod since COH server move to steam :)


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It's working.

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please add me in steam there I can tell you it

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Martinlegend Creator

im Really sry for saying that but ist true that ist Dead because i have no Time for working on it im really sorry

but i hope you will enjoy the last Version of it

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Too bad!

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What? your English is not very good,DEAD OR NOT?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
Martinlegend Creator

yes it is dead...

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