With the mod are the weapons of STALKER SOC
Improved accuracy of the weapons especially AK46, ak47u, MP5, G36, BM16 ETC.
Opponents are stronger. among them are zombies, dogs, etc. Stalker
more ammunition to the sale instead of 20 balls now 40.
Prices for weapons have been reduced and some increased.
increased for ak74
fallen for MP5, ak47U
more ammunition for the rifle ak74, G36, AK47U
Increased strength of the arms ak74, AK47U, Desertiegel, MP5, BM16, G36 etc.
Opponents may continue to see.
Opponents can use certain weapons and continue to seek schissen.
The accuracy of the opponents and the player has been increased.
THE lives of opponents have increased caution Poltergeister they are now much stronger.
Dogs can still see and their attacks are stronger.
Headshot will aim at 50% more often before.

Spelling has been improved!

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MOD 1.5

In February, there will be a new Versoin of MOD WEAPON give.
There will be some settings.
And new vote.
Since the weapons would be once again I want to work.
And it still wants to make something real.
Thus you also have fun on it.
I had found the weapons while the target was precisely.
But the game was very difficult.
And that's not my goal.
I hope your test the mod whether it will be deleted.
I am also glad about every tip or suggestion for improvement.
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Full Version 4 comments

HER is the DOWNLOAD of the mod 1.0 The mod is not in are RAR or ZIp. The data is ah ca 256kb exe data. not virus.

Merc- - - 357 comments

" more ammunition to the sale instead of 20 balls now 40. "


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migmax - - 159 comments

lol "novice" difficult

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
samuelmontague - - 33 comments

lol this is actually a mod i beliave the dogs are actually blind and so are some of the enimies due to glitches.

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THX555 Creator
THX555 - - 85 comments

Yes they can be something!
The opponents NPC as Soldnier and Stalker were not changed but only the arms.
that was community strength and accuracy.
not the AI

Reply Good karma+1 vote
nopushbutton - - 719 comments

coolmod Im gonna downlodd even do I dont have staker!!!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
Errebor - - 14 comments

"Opponents may continue to see"....oh ok, but they may continue to see what? I think they dont see a ****...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dave_5430 - - 2,114 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
pfannkuchen_gesicht - - 520 comments

strange english in the summary...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
ledcaveman - - 9 comments

fuckign ********, this aint released

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me+moddb=awsome - - 89 comments



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