If you are bored of the classic Warlords or just want to try something different, new, I present you "The Fifth Horseman" Mod. The Fifth Horseman is a standalone mod of WBC3 That brings huge changes to the game, both Altering , races and heroes, hero classes and spell books. The game add brand new units to the game and Provides unique changes to every single race.

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The Kor Union is a Union of the lesser races of Kor led by one Head Shaman. The Union is formed of lesser races, weak on their own, the Kobolds, creatures with strong upper body but weak legs, Goblins, fast and sneaky creatures that lack strength, the Orcs, though brutes with the ability to feel no pain, which can come in their disadvantage, that and the Ogres, powerful giants tall as mountains. While each race exceeds at something and has some weaknesses, together they are unstoppable.

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Each race of the Kor Union has it's own role. The Goblin infantries are great at scouting the map and sickening the enemy heroes with disease, while the Orc infantry can take a lot of damage and are resistant to missiles. However the Orcs do not have too much anti-air support and can not repair their buildings.

Another important unit for the Kor Union is the Orcish Wolf Rider. The Orc Riders have great speed and, when equipped with Torches, they become useful at razing enemy structures and mines. Wolf Riders are great at establishing map control.

Wolf Riders raiding a mine

Later in game, you gain access to the powerful Ogres which, in great numbers, can become quite a threat to the enemy. Also you gain access to the Kobold Snipers, long range high damage missile infantry.

However a disadvantage of the Kobold Snipers is that they produce from your Orchold level 2. You may need to build a Torture Tower and train Dwarf Slaves as your builders so you don't need to interrupt the production.

Goblins assaulting a Base with their Chieftain

The Goblin Chieftains can summon Goblins on the spot. They might not seem as useful but with their help your army can easily outnumber your enemy's army. Another great Goblin unit is the Goblin Shaman. The Shamans have both powerful offensive spells, as well as powerful support spells. Every army is strong when backed by one of these.

Full Scale Assault

When you want to assault an enemy base and want to use siege, you have to options, the Trolls and the Goblin Shooters. The Goblin Shooters are long ranged siege weapons that shoot goblins. Yes, goblins. These goblins have a high chance to get up and join your side in battle. The trolls might not have as much range, but they make up for it by being though and dealing more damage. They also regenerate twice as fast than any other troops which prove to be quite useful.


waz up! greetings from the orc clan fan group

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