If you are bored of the classic Warlords or just want to try something different, new, I present you "The Fifth Horseman" Mod. The Fifth Horseman is a standalone mod of WBC3 That brings huge changes to the game, both Altering , races and heroes, hero classes and spell books. The game add brand new units to the game and Provides unique changes to every single race.

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khayossus says

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great job


Theames says

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it´s one of the best games, is ist simple, you have a grate choise of charakas an rases. i love this game, but only the chrashes are bad...


Patrick_Winekiller says

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Great ideas but quite unplayable at the moment. Also don't like renaming the races without explanation (a storyline).


PetrenkaPie says


Also_known_as_Peter says

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