If you are bored of the classic Warlords or just want to try something different, new, I present you "The Fifth Horseman" Mod. The Fifth Horseman is a standalone mod of WBC3 That brings huge changes to the game, both Altering , races and heroes, hero classes and spell books. The game add brand new units to the game and Provides unique changes to every single race.

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The Dragon Cult is a Ssrathi religious sect venerating Dragons led by the head shaman Iriky. The snakemen will grant their master's wishes not only at the cost of their own lives, but at the cost of innocent lives as well.

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The Dragon Sect has both powerful late game units and sneaky early game units. While early game the Snakeman has no other purpose than being a default infantry, late game it becomes the key to many strategies such as map control and building where the enemy does not expect, as it can gain the Invisibility Spell and raise buildings pretty quick. The Chameleons are stealth assassins of the Dragon Sect. With their invisibility and assassination chance, the Chameleons can take care of the most important enemy units. A group of chameleons can assassinate heroes and even deal with the titans.

Chameleons ambush a group of Pikemen

Faery Dragons are can be summoned through your keep. The Dragon Cult makes them appear randomly on the map. They are great tier 1 air units and can reveal the position of important enemy units on the map.

The unit with the most late game potential is the Snakepriest. The Snakeman Priests can be upgraded to have long ranged fire attacks and can provide healing for your warriors.

Ssrathi Attack

After you're done hassling your enemy with stealth tactics finish your enemy off with a Dinosaur Attack. Triceratops are important in any Dinosaur army. They have decent stats and their roar can reduce their target's armor. You might also consider building Lizard Riders. These dangerous Raptor Riders are agile and quick and can evade basic missiles. If the enemy decides to attack you with flyers you should consider building Pterodactyls. These are the most powerful air-to-air units, especially when in large numbers. Not even Dragons can't stand a chance against them. And last but not the worst are the Tyrannosaurus, the elite Dinosaur. These enormous lizards are as though as dragons and may even be able to kill dragons themselves.

Dinosaur Assault

The Dragon Cult Generals are the Naga. These half human, half snake atrocities can turn their enemies to stone and they know a little magic. Their Shield spell can increase the armor of your warriors.

The Dragon Cult can access all the four elemental Dragons, the Swamp Dragon, the Frost Dragon, the Storm Dragon and the Fire Dragon, use them wisely.

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