Epic Legions was originally started as a little mod for Dawn of War by Spliff. Over the years, times have changed & Spliff decided to give this mod up for adoption. Being a fan of Epic Legions, i decided to take the reigns of this exciting mod with potential & expand upon it. This mod will be adapted & the graphics brought up to-date for the DOW: Soulstorm game. Epic battles of massive scales shall ensue as it was destined to be! From the dying words of an Eldar warrior..."Let there be, War!"

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Lord_Cylarne says

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Epic Legions mod was actually very well done.

Immersion/gameplay: 8/10

Replayability: 9/10

AI: 8/10

Content: 7/10

Polish/Functionality: 9/10

Tactics: 8/10

Massive Battles: 10/10

Fluid/Layout: 5/10

Economy: 5/10

UI Taskbar: 9/10

Worth the download? 9/10

This mod was actually very confusing to install. Knowing what files are needed is key to a quickstart mod launch, but it is slightly complicated, especially when you have to extract all files from a folder containing the mod itself.

Other than that, Tyranids! Deuce included Tyranids in the mod, so I decided to play with them first.

Immediately, I get an infinite cap system with unlimited resources. I thought that was kind of interesting, but for new players exploring the mod, even on Easy, it could get kinda hot too quick. Amazingly, the AI was very good at not spamming units in the first minute, I liked that.

Otherwise, I rather did not like how "big" the Hive Tyrant and Spore Clusters were cosmetically. I thought they were uber tough, but size doesn't matter.

The game was really hard to manage as you try to get your army up and in action as they are produced very slowly like a snail.

I also noticed that the overwatch was set on pause! I dunno if that was me, but it took me a long time to figure out that I can't reinforce by right clicking. I thought it was FOK style, and well: bad learning curve this mod has.

I played as Eldar and Space Marines later. Nice taskbars, but the Eldar one I thought was weird and evil. Units spawn way too slowly for quick action, and especially as Eldar with low control radiuses, the game was very difficult to manage ESPECIALLY on small maps.

300 characters left. :\

Phantom Titan was awesome, early built? But you forgot stuff I gave you. :(

Low level of content and units. Hardly any upgrades or abilities. AI does not build the new units. GREAT battles. Functions well. Text errors. Small units to select.

No crash to desktops. Very fun late game.


if you want epic or like epic or think epic you should play epic legions mod and you will feel epic!


WOW this mod is amazing it makes stuff into titans wow just wow look at necrons man this is total crazyness LOL goodluck making 3.0

review is late from me I know but it is here now and I give it 10/10

it is nice mod, it is older then my mod and it have good potential to be even better

I give it my support

Hmmm... this is kindaaa Epic :D

Mod 2013! DoW community really must give you special award for this!


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