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Today we welcome two new additions to the 'Front, the Ferdinand and the StuH 42.

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Today we welcome two new additions to the German armored collection...

First up, the Ferdinand


The Ferdinand could be considered a successful failure. After losing the Tiger contract with the Nazi high command, Ferdinand Porsche used the hulls of his failed Tiger I design to create the Ferdinand, one of the best gun platforms of the war.

With 200mm of frontal armor, and a high-velocity version of the 88mm anti-tank gun (the 8.8 cm Pak 43/2 L/71), the Ferdinand was the biggest, baddest, and slowest beast on the battlefield in 1943.


Next up, the StuH 42


With the success of the StuG III as an anti-tank platform, attention was put on the vehicle to provide infantry support as well. By mounting the 10.5cm leFH 18 howitzer on the StuG III Ausf. G chassis, the Sturmhaubitze 42 Ausf. G ("assault howitzer") was born.

It allowed the Germans to advance a howitzer with the infantry, something the Wespe was unfit to carry out.


A quick look at the changelog for patch 3.03...

Bug Fixes:
Fixed missing Ju88 vehicle icon
Fixed missing projectile on vehicle-mounted Bren
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG34
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG42
Fixed control point/spawn issue on Santa_Cruz
Fixed issue with A6M2 collision
Fixed issue with AA_Allies/Bofors collision
Fixed effects on 75mm M2/M3 projectile (was showing explosion with no penetration)
Fixed F6F-3 spawn position on Enterprise (was clipping through flight deck)

General Changes:
Removed CrewRepairPack from armored vehicles (temporary, due to incomplete/buggy code)
Changed file structure of several maps (for server testing)
Increased 75mm M2 penetration by 5mm (70mm to 75mm)
Increased 75mm M3 penetration by 10mm (70mm to 80mm)
Re-modeled M3 GMC
Re-modeled M3 Grant
Added M3 Lee to mod
Added StuH 42 to mod
Added Ferdinand to mod

That's all for this week, stay tuned for more news to come!



Hallo!~ I really love this mod! Excellent work with it!~

I especially like that the tank projectiles don't look like cannonballs anymore, that armor penetration comes into play, and that there are new vehicles! ^-^

I have not seen Jagdpanther yet, but I hope he is in there!

Also, some things I had problems with:
-Merderet map is a game crasher. D:
-Panther does not have main gun sound effect. I was so pumped to see it, too.
-The heavy guns on fighters sometimes have no sound.
-Can't replenish explosive charges? Is that supposed to happen? -- I can't pick them up, either.
-In the class choosing screen, it does not show me what gun I will have.
-For some reason, driving over tracks in Remagen bridge send Hetzer flying.
-Floating 88s in Remagen! xD
-T-26 and Shermans can kill King Tigers and Tigers with two shots from the front, but I sometimes need to hit Shermans or T-26s three times. :(

Also, I am happy to see Elefant in the mod. It is my favorite SPG.

P.S., is it possible to allow vehicles to drive through water? It's kinda weird that they blow up upon touching it...

Again, thank you for this mod! I really like it.

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bf_takiwa Author

Just added a Jagdpanther, it will be in the next release :)

Thank you for the bug report, I will look at these issues ASAP!

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