The scope of this mods is to replace all ballistic weapons with new high poly models that have full reload animations etc. and also to add new ones. The mod uses CaliberX so all guns use the right type of ammo. Also all the new weapons are integrated in the leveled list and vendors. I tried to replace the vanilla models with the same type of weapon but it was not possible in every case so I had to improvise a bit.

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This extensive replacer mod is pure sexiness, I haven't found any other mod with an amount of new content rivaling it other than full overhauls. The author of this mod has done tons of work, evident by all the mods for the guns, let alone the guns themselves. If I had excess cash, I'd give him some, and I don't ever donate things.

don't work wiyh caliberx and give me a error

Brilliant textures! Makes the weapons look great! After all, the weapons are supposed to be made new in the GRA facility, right? Awesome job! Love it!

The quality of the model meshes and the textures is quite startling. The little details, like accurate manufacturers logos, the knurling on sight adjustment knobs, the checkering on handgrips, shows a painstaking attention to detail on the part of the artist(s) who contributed meshes and textures for this weapons pack.

True, there are still the occasional "gotchas", like the white exclamation point in a scope reticle when you zoom in to take a shot with a sniper rifle, or when you add a suppressor to another weapon, but the author has been very vigilant about addressing the ones noted, and proactive in ferreting out others. And it is still in beta, with many weapons yet to have meshes/textures added to support weapon modifications.

Overall, a great addition of professionally modeled and skinned weapons for New Vegas.

My advice to the mod author: steady as she goes. Quality takes time.


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excellent quality models, makes using guns seem more interesting especial when pared with mods adding in more futuristic weapons


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