Galactic Civil War rages across the galaxy. Darth Vader, seeking the throne, had trained a secret apprentice, Darth Acris to help him challenge the Emperor. After the Empire destroyed Alderaan, Vader struck down and destroyed the Emperor. Now Vader and Acris must consolidate their power and build the military while staving off the Rebels and other rising galactic powers. They must retain order and bring peace to the Empire. The Sith will rule the galaxy once more! Plenty of new units, heroes, planets, etc. in this new take on the Star Wars saga. This is Vader's New Order - Empire surrounded.

The Chiss Ascendancy (view original)

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The Chiss maybe the most powerful non-playable faction. Be sure to come with a big force to take on their fleet and a good army as they have some good units but the planet is also crawling with indigenous Chiss soldiers. They have Admiral Stent for their hero. The Empire will be able to recruit Allied Chiss soldiers through their AARC once the planet is captured as well as being able to build 2 Imperial/Chiss ships.