Current Version: 1.00

-A cross between CTI and SCont
-Totally dynamic combat
-CQC oriented with house patrols
-Instant action
-Selectable soldier count, vehicle count, vehicle types, zone size, AI skill, fireteam size, starting time, weather, quick start option...
-Selectable soldier class
-Selectable spawn points
-Totally independent AI
-Recruit AI to your squad
-Join other player squads
-Drive any vehicle
-Complete multiplayer compatibility with up to 48 players
-Dynamic Environment

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MP Missions folder.

What do the markers on the map mean?:
Blue = West CP - totally controlled by the west with no enemies in the area
Red = East CP - totally controlled by the east with no enemies in the area
White = Neutral CP - controlled by no one with no troops of any kind in the area
Yellow = Contested CP - this means that there are multiple teams in the area fighting for control of the CP

Spawns only occur at control points that are controlled by the corresponding team... if a CP is contested, no spawning will occur there until one of the teams takes control of the point.
A winner is decided when one of the teams snuffs out all of the opposition. If your team has no control points when you die, you will be automatically switched to the remaining team with the least amount of control points and carry on the battle with that team. This does not necessarily mean your original team is completely out of the game. If there were troops alive from your original team they can still take control of a CP, but as for you, they are now your enemy.

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Now that Arma 3 is here...


Since the release of Arma 3 I've resumed with major development on Urban Conquest and have already got v1.00 code squared away. As with most projects this is a work in progress and with Altis there are so many great places for urban map layouts I can see alot of great UC mission on the horizon. I've been pushing my latest updates to the Steam workshop and have received some very positive feedback so I've decided to go ahead and put together an initial 1.00 release mappack containing four Urban Conquest layouts. One on Stratis and the other three on Altis. I'm looking forward to the future of this mission, but without a doubt it is running very very well right now. I will be uploading and releasing new map packs as I settle on code versions so for right now we're on v1.00 map pack A. Keep your eyes peeled for the download to be available within the next couple of days, pending approval of course. I hope you will all enjoy the new Urban Conquest!!

Cheers :)

Urban Conquest v006 released

Urban Conquest v006 released


I've released Urban Conquest v006 for A3 after much consideration over whether or not to even continue with the project. The new version is very functional...

Urban Conquest updated to v005

Urban Conquest updated to v005


Upon the request of several players, Urban Conquest for Arma 3 has been updated to include an option to disable zone defenders and adds coherent class...

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Urban Conquest A3 v1.00a

Urban Conquest A3 v1.00a

Full Version 1 comment

Instability has finally erupted into an all out battle for control of the city streets where all sides come ready to fight and scorched earth is a viable...

Trastorno - - 4 comments

I think the reason this mod isn't receiving much interest is that the steam workshop seems to be the primary location for arma 3 mods. If you were to upload it there, I'm betting it'd be a lot more popular. Unless you did already and I didn't notice like a fool.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
HangPhyr - - 235 comments

"Total conquest" getting put up here too?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tvig0r0us Creator
tvig0r0us - - 179 comments

Maybe. I honestly haven't done much with anything for A3 because the game runs so poorly for me and I'm a bit disgusted that I spent upwards of $400 improving my rig for the game and it still runs like crap. I also haven't seen much interest in this project so it hasn't inspired me to pursue it very much. We'll see.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
twcrash - - 69 comments

Great mission TVig will be one for MOTY keep it up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,562 comments

Just dropping by to show some support ;)
I'll download this later tvig after I get final version of A3. By then I'm betting you'll also have a newer version. Keep honing your ArmA skills cause I have a project idea you might be interested in.


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